I love

I love these girls...

the way they walk & talk...

I love that they have curls like their mama, and they know it...

I love watching them delight in the little things...

and hearing their "sister whispers"

I love watching them be free...

and hearing their joyful giggles...

I love being part of their adventures...

and watching their sisterly love bloom...
I love these girls
and I love that I am their mama.

their adorable dresses were given to us by Alissa
{Thank you Alissa!}

and I must say, for a mama to 4 young boys
she sure does sew awesome girly peek-a-boo dresses! {grin}


  1. These pictures are seriously incredible! Your girls are adorable, and you are so so talented.

  2. awwww...
    that's my heart. in a puddle on my floor because this post is too sweet!!

  3. This is a beautiful post. There is something about having a girl (or girls) after boys that is especially precious. If you divided your family in half, you'd have my family. I had two boys first and then a girl.

  4. I so love the dresses and the pictures are awesome. After 3 boys, my heart longs for a girl!!

  5. Brittany, I definitely understand your twin delight..... *wink

    and having had my daughter first and then five sons I can understand what these other mummies are talking about... a girl {or girls} AFTER a run of boys would be super delightful..... I love my daughter more than life itself but I can see how much I would have appreciated her "girlness" only after having been blessed with my boys

    I hope that makes sense.....

  6. Those dresses are darling!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Britt!!!!! xo

  8. I love this. They are so precious!

  9. Beautiful pictures! LOVE them!!

    In the very first picture, which girl is which?

  10. I have twin girls too. They are turning 20 in Dece. This post made me miss thier childhood. Enjoy them every chance you get. It's gone before you know it.

  11. Love the dresses! And hearing about your girls, of course! You have such a gift of telling us about your family without it sounding like boasting or just plain-ol' blabbing.

  12. just so beautiful. Natasha x


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