Thank you

Unspoken gratitude blesses few
...but spoken gratitude shares
your heart, your love and Jesus in us.

I all too often keep my thankfulness inside's in my heart but should flow from my mouth as well.

So, thank you
...for being here
...for following our families life journey
...for your friendship
...for asking me to be your photographer
...for your words of encourgement
...for listening to me
...for praying and caring for our family
...for being patient with me
...for giving me the opportunity share
...for sharing with me
...for your unspoken gratitude.

truly, Thank YOU!


  1. *family's = possesive
    *families = plural

    ... you're welcome ; )

  2. heyyy... speaking of photography - i've been wanting to talk to you about possibly photographing our upcoming adoption.... ??

  3. Thank YOU for inspiring me to be a better mom, a better photographer, and for being more grateful for the gifts in my life!

    (and to answer your question about Elsa's hair - I'm VERY curious to see if it turns out as curly as her sister's.) :)

  4. Love the new header and such a great shadow pic!!!

  5. Seriously Anonymous???? You have to be a grammar police??? I say get a life if you have time to point that stuff out. I notice it too but it's not important enough for me to mention because her content is what intrigues me the most and I always learn from her posts!

    Brittany: thank you for pointing out about thankfulness. I need to be more thankful and remember to be more thankful than I already am!

  6. LOVE the shadow picture. SO very awesome. I told my husband you are the one photographer in the blog world I would pay to take our kids pictures. I absolutely love your perspective.

    And I agree with the commenter above. You are inspiring. That's why I keep coming back. :)


Thank you for blessing me with your words!