Cheese... The CHEESE POST!

The post you've all - or most of you - have been waiting for!

I must say, as you all should know, I am not a doctor; I did not go to school for nutrition, and I do not know it all. However, I DO believe what I am about to share with you to be true. I have invested a lot of time and energy (roughly 2/3’s of my life) into learning about health and nutrition for myself and my family. I do not take this lightly, as I know that I am sharing this with thousands of people. I have doubled checked what I already knew, learned a little bit more and have talked with our family doctor. If you have any addition information to share... please do. I know not everyone will agree with this... and that is okay. Please feel free to disagree respectfully, if you attack myself or my family though your comment will be deleted.

Here’s the ‘skinny’ on Cow's milk…

Cow's milk is a hormonal delivery system... it is full of 59 different hormones. There are lactopherins, immunoglobins, estrogen, progesterone, proactin, melatonin, oxytocin and on and on. Not to mention every bit of milk or diary product has virus, pus, bacteria and very powerful growth hormones. It's full of proteins that cause allergies, antibiotics, pesticides, fat cholesterol and dioxin. Do any of those items sound like things you want in your body?

I know this card has been played before... but think about it….

Would you drink dogs milk?

Pigs milk?

Human Milk?

So why do so many not think twice about cow’s milk?

Just like the others, it is simply not meant for us.

“But isn't ‘organic’ milk okay?”

The only thing you are taking out when you buy organic is the supposed absence of antibiotics and pesticides. You are still getting all of those hormones and pus. The hormone that is given to cows to make them produce milk when they wouldn’t normally be lactating be is a man-made, synthetic hormone. But guess what... it doesn't matter if it is man-made or cow-made. It's a shot given to the cow in the rump that causes the cows body to create their own hormones to produce milk. So either way you are getting the same hormone and it is a VERY strong growth hormone.

Think about this... when cows are being milked BEFORE they give birth, it's different milk (like colostrum in women, thick with hormones that instruct mammary tissues to grow.

Now think about this... thousands of toxins and viruses cause cancer. They are all around us, everywhere, and they get in our body in countless ways. Once that seed of cancer is in our body it feed on whatever it can. And one of the things it can is the powerful growth hormones in MILK.

We are not the only country that has a deep ever growing love for dairy. If you look at all of the nations where dairy is common you will find the same common chronic diseases; Heart Disease, osteoporosis, cancers, diabetes, asthma… these are either aggravated or caused by regular milk consumption. Oh and don't forget Acne & allergies. A simple Google search and you will find lots of info about diary and acne.

For the most part all of the cows in America are not healthy, over 50% of our cows are affected with bovine leukemia virus and another 50 + % are infected with a disease called Crohn's disease. I don't know anything about Crohn's disease but I did read that it is caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium paratuberculosis and causes irritable bowel syndrome. Every person who has Crohn's disease has tested positive for the mycobacterium paratuberculosis. It’s not hard to make the obvious connection to dairy on that one.

Dairy causes your body’s defenses to start producing mucus... it spreads evenly throughout your entire body. Soaking into your organs like water to a sponge. Want to lose weight? How about a conservative 10% of your body weight in mucus alone? The dairy industries 'lose weight - drink milk' ad's are absurd! Do you believe me now when I say the FDA doesn't really do much?!

The changes that come about in the way you feel when you don’t consume dairy {or only limited amounts} in your body is hard to describe. It is really something you need to try for yourself to really understand and feel the difference. If you are really in tune with your body you could notice a difference in 7 days.... if not it may take you a month. But you WILL notice a difference at some point! I challenge YOU to cut as much dairy as you can for 7 days or longer. You should lose 3-4 quarts of mucus... a gallon of mucus... I’d say a gallon of mucus probably weighs a just a bit more than a gallon of milk. I still find it hard to believe we can be carrying around a gallon of mucus just because we eat dairy... crazy!

After first talking about dairy and starting to write this I was reminded again why we limit our dairy (by my own post) and  I decided to completely cut it out for 1 week, which led to 2 weeks and then I had some dairy. Paul did this with me and we both lost 5 pounds without any other changes in diet or activity.

Dairy is in so many things... it's even in many 'non-diary' named items. Crazy! Here is a chart I found that might be helpful if you do want to cut out dairy.

  • Acidophilus Milk
  • Ammonium Caseinate
  • Butter
  • Butter Fat
  • Butter Oil
  • Butter Solids
  • Buttermilk
  • Buttermilk Powder
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Casein
  • Caseinate (in general)
  • Cheese (All animal-based)
  • Condensed Milk
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cream
  • Curds
  • Custard
  • Delactosed Whey
  • Demineralized Whey
  • Dry Milk Powder
  • Dry Milk Solids
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Ghee (see p109)
  • Goat Milk
  • Half & Half
  • Hydrolyzed Casein
  • Hydrolyzed Milk Protein
  • Iron Caseinate
  • Lactalbumin
  • Lactoferrin
  • Lactoglobulin
  • Lactose
  • Lactulose
  • Low-Fat Milk
  • Magnesium Caseinate
  • Malted Milk
  • Milk
  • Milk Derivative
  • Milk Fat
  • Milk Powder
  • Milk Protein
  • Milk Solids
  • Natural Butter Flavor
  • Nonfat Milk
  • Nougat
  • Paneer
  • Potassium Caseinate
  • Pudding
  • Recaldent
  • Rennet Casein
  • Skim Milk
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Sour Cream
  • Sour Milk Solids
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Sweet Whey
  • Whey
  • Whey Powder
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate
  • Whipped Cream
  • Whipped Topping
  • Whole Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Zinc Caseinate 

At little bit about Casein {I didn't know this before}... "casein, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate -- that's the milk powder protein that you don't want in your body. When you take milk and you get rid of the fat and you get rid of the water and you're just left with protein, and basically they're blood proteins, serumalbumin, milk protein, 90% of it is casein. Now, casein, when it's extracted from milk, it's actually a glue used to put a label on a bottle of beer. It's the glue used to hold together the wood in your furniture. When you eat this casein - this glue from milk - your body is seeing this foreign protein and attacks it by producing histamines which end up as mucus. And that's why it is mucus-forming.


Now with that said..... I'm sure you are wondering... do we eat any diary?

YES... we eat ice cream as an occasional treat, we eat pizza once a month, I eat milk chocolate and LOVE IT! {grin} 

But we try, to cut out dairy wherever we can easily do so. I don't stress or freak out about it... I just do what I can to cut out as much as possible without making it a battle. 

here are a few of the things we do instead of dairy --

rice milk/almond milk in place of cow milk -- I use this in all of my baking, cooking, cereal, ect.

leave cheese toppings off -- depends on the meal but adding avacado is a great cheese subsitute. On chili, Haystacks, Salad, ect.

We like Hummus in place of sour cream on the same type meals above

I use coconut oil/applesauce in place of butter in baking {but will use some butter sometimes too}

Ask for light cheese on pizza or other items you really want cheese on

in the summer we love to make ice cream with cocounut milk and frozen fruit... YUMMY! I'll share that recipe next time we make it.

for waffles we use coconut milk instead of milk

that's about all I can think of... but if you have a dairy food you'd like to try to replace, ask and I'll see what I can come up with!


and to end this post I must say again.... do not stress about it, try to cut it out, but don't let the stress of eating overcome you. Which one is worse? {grin}

I like to say when it comes to healthy eating "do what you can easily and pray about the rest" I don't know if that comes out right... but you get the idea... right?!!!! 


thanks for reading! Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!


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  2. I tried eliminating all dairy and lasted 36 hours. If I have to live a life without my milk product, I'd honestly go crazy. Sounds like its been good for your family though!

  3. Oh my...that sounds hard to do. Can you actually use applesauce in place of butter in all cooking...if it calls for one cup of butter you use one cup of applesauce and it still tastes the same? How does coconut milk it similar? I tried soy milk one time and it was NASTY! to me at least :)is there a big price difference in coconut milk and cow milk? Cheese would be the hardest for me....not sure I could live without cheese.

  4. We use rice milk.I would love for you to do a post on sugar.... which I am trying to eliminate from my diet.
    What do you do with family? When our kids were little I controlled all their food {what goes in} in the home {actually still do} but when we are away from home {grandma's house} it is so much harder. I found out years ago that if we had planned to have an evening away and left the kids with my parents my dad would shop ahead {with bags full of junk food} because he felt we were depriving our children. Our daugther, now 9, struggles in this area believing that everyone else has it better than us. Needless to say we don't leave them there for babysitting any longer {because my dad doesn't trust us to raise our kids well}. Sigh.

  5. Only thing I can say is my grandparents and their parents grew up on "cows" milk without all this "research" and lived well into their late 80's/90's. Sometimes I think we over analyze and by next year the research will change again. A lot of people are healthy and drink cow's milk, weren't breastfeed...still healthy, etc. I don't eat (no cheese because I don't like it) or drink (don't like) dairy but I wouldn't have obsessed over it like this even if I did. Heck there are A LOT of things that cause cancer that I am sure you are still partaking in on a regular basis, therefore, just cutting out dairy is not going to do it. Good for you that you can do it and hope it helps.

  6. This is an issue that I've been back and forth on quite a bit. Though I'm not at all opposed to getting rid of a lot of the dairy in my diet, there are some thing that I eat on an almost daily basis that I'm not really sure how to adjust. What would you use as a replacement for yogurt in a smoothie (my normal breakfast food)? Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be researching this more :)

  7. I honestly think what your doing is great for your family....

    But its obviously not the right choice for everyone...

    I'm also not a huge fan of the milk to cancer link...
    I know its in all honesty a possibility..

    But coming from someone who has a range of cancer in her family, including Breast, kidney, stomach,brain, lukemia, esophagous.
    Only in the last 2 generations, I find it hard to believe that eating dairy could increase my chances of cancer anymore than it already is...

    But thank you for sharing.

  8. Ha I read this as I sit here eating my peanut butter toasted bagel with a huge glass of whole milk. I have been a milk addict since I was a kid. When I would go on camps, my mom always paid or gave me extra milk to always have on me. I drink at least 1 full glass of whole milk every day. In truth, now that I think about it.... besides cheese, its the only dairy in my diet...and one I don't want to leave out.

    Now..... if it is THIS bad... why in the world would doctors and pediatricians tell us to feeds our toddlers whole milk instead of any other kind of milk?

    Also, I read a similar article and heard some pretty amazing and scary stories about children that have been born way developed, or infants and toddlers walking toddling around with small breast and even pubic-hair because they either received extra steroids from foods the mother ate or served to them after they were born, causing them to develop way too soon. The most common one I read about was chicken.... and how they use steroids to develop chicken fast to keep up with the demand of chicken purchases. That's scary.

    I hear you shouldn't eat salads because of this and that...

    At the end of the day .... basically WHAT IS HEALTHY to eat and or serve our children anymore?

    People can cut out this or that.... but at the end of the day what is one really doing? You are probably getting something else just as bad from some other place in your diet that you probably are unaware of.

    This world is a fallen world....and the bible says to stress or worry about your next meal or drink. HE will provide.

    I am not in denial or being ignorant by not learning what I can. I do read and I do listen and I try to take in what I can and make it useful when possible... but man I tell you to sit there and worry about your childrens health, their foods, your jobs, your own health and then read so many sad stories a day where your heart just breaks.

    It can make one go crazy insane and or depressed.

    So I choose to be as cautious as possible, eat healthy as possible and live as healthy as possible. And place my life, my childrens life and my family in HIS care and plans.

    Good post....

    It is interesting and scary to think about all of that.... but instead, I am going to enjoy the rest of my glass of whole milk. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.....

    This kind of stuff will make some people that are WAY too frightened by all of this that they will not eat meat, or have dairy or eat salads and then what will be left for them???? Pills? Its sad....

    Like you said... people should decide based on what best fits them and their needs.

    By the way your kiddos get cuter by the day.

  9. Thanks for sharing! Are there some sources you can share too? =) Just wondering.

  10. I have often eaten dairy free - or mostly :-) Cheese and yogurt are the hardest for me to do without though! I am curious if you have read anything about Weston A Price/Nourishing Traditions research/eating style? I have just started reading some about it and am finding it interesting, it's beginning to change some of my thinking on the subject too.
    Thanks for sharing - I think it is so important that we pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies and I do think the health issues plaguing many people today are directly linked to diet.
    BTW - I loved the Wordless Wednesday pics of the girls - they are so cute!

  11. I found this fascinating! Thank you for this post! I am going to try and cut dairy out of my diet for 1 week to see how it personally affects me!

    I do have a question about calcium. Because you don't drink milk, and avoid dairy, do you find that your family is deficient in calcium? What supplement do you take for calcium, (if any at all)

    Thank you for this post!
    I LOVE your "health news" posts. I'll have more please! :)

  12. Wow, so interesting...I knew there was a reason I didn't like dairy products. ;) I've never been a milk drinker, can't stand yogurt, and can give or take cheese. I would say most of my dairy intake comes from the creamer I put into my coffee. My husband drinks so much milk it's not even funny and his allergies are TERRIBLE...but he won't listen to anything I have to say when it comes to things like this. He thinks it's all a bunch of "crap."

    I'm also curious as to why doctors push milk on children...and tell us they need a certain amount daily. You would think they were know the research behind milk. Hmmm...

    Anyhow, I loved your post. Thanks for taking the time to research and share with us!

  13. every day im working on getting rid of the unhealthy foods out of my life.. right now its getting rid of trans fats... " remember just because it says NO TRANS FAT does not mean it has no trans fat" always look and the ingrediants and if it says " partially hydorgenated or hydrogenated then there is trans fat.. also have been watching saturated fats.. just thought id share that..=) also have an artical in my blog about what trans fats can do and how harmful they are.

  14. Interesting post. Since you said you didn't know much about Chron's disease, I'd just thought I'd give you some more information (we have a friend who suffers from Chron's). A person is more likely to have Chron's if they are from German decent. It causes digestion/bowel problems that can be very severe and painful. Most people who suffer from Chron's follow a carefully thought out diet to control their symptoms. They type of Chron's disease that cow can have is not the same type present in humans and is not transferable.
    You have done a lot of research and I feel have made some well-informed decisions.

  15. As someone with a background in nutrition, this topic is fascinating to me. Two things to add...

    -Goat and sheep milk are good alternatives to cow's milk. They do not contain the same complex proteins as cow's milk, making them less allergenic. Also, goat's milk has 7-8% less lactose than cow's milk, which makes it easier to digest.

    -Cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, and hard cheeses are decent options too because the culturing process makes them more digestible. The cultures (good bacteria) decrease the lactose and shorten the protein chains. Fully grown cultures (probiotics) help strengthen the immune system as well.

    Thanks for sharing your research with us! Keep it coming! :)

  16. Very interesting post. I have a friend who is very allergic to dairy, so I'm somewhat experienced with trying to come up with a meal that contains no dairy (from having her over for dinner).

    I have baked with applesauce, so I know that doesn't change the flavor, but it seems like coconut milk would. Does it?

    What about growth hormone free milk? The growth hormones is the biggest problem I have with milk. So, we make a conscious effort to only buy growth hormone free milk (getting easier and easier to find - many store brands are RbGH free now).

  17. Yeah, I just finished a bowl of cereal and looked at the milk and it says "naturally produced without artificial hormones." But I'm not supposed to believe that right because the FDA is naughty and to use your words "doesn't do anything"?

    Just keeping it real: the position you take that every institute of professionals is out to get you is VERY Narcissistic.

    As if the thousands upon thousands of people working to keep our food supply safe and productive enough to feed the (ever growing, thanks!!) population and keep the most stringent drug laws in the world (yes in the world, I know this for a fact) in place have all this time to sit around and conspire against you. Because, ya know, you are just the center of the universe.

    What provisions do you have in place for helping 6+ kids through college or some career development? I would be way more interested in hearing about that. Or do you intend for your girls to just start having babies asap too?

  18. Hi Brittany, I really found this post interesting. I don't agree with most of it, but I do agree with you on the issues of drinking cow's milk.

    Cow's milk is for baby cows, not human beings - why are people so obtuse about it??? It's purely a cultural thing as well.

    Don't you find it weird that people who wouldn't dream of feeding their own breastmilk to their oown babies, will drink the milk of a cow?!

  19. Just using the word pus more than once in the same sentence as a food item I enjoy eating, is enough to make me think twice about eating it. Thanks for sharing. I just wish all research was done by people/companies that don't stand to make any money off of it. Money complicates everything!

  20. It was interesting to hear your thoughts on this. I hate milk and never drink it, I just hate the taste. But my kids love milk and my husband loves it even more. I really don't take in much dairy myself, except for cheese, and I use cheese in everything it seems. I don't think I could ever cut it out.

    I do find it strange that when I was pregnant each time, they insisted that I drink milk {and I just couldn't, blah}, that I needed that dairy and like someone else said, you're told to give your children whole milk until they're 2, that it's very important for them. I guess it's just very conflicting to hear all of that and then hear your side of it. I guess I'm just somewhere in the middle and will continue not drinking milk but loving my cheese!

    I do, however, think that my boys drink too much milk. They like juice as well and I give them 100% juice but I try to limit it. I would be interested in any ideas on other healthy things for kids to drink {aside from water, they drink water too}.

  21. Charity,

    I said The FDA "doesn't do much" I do not say they don't do anything... they certainly do many things.

    and I do NOT take the position that every institution of professionals is out to get me... I think you need to reread a little a get your facts straight. You are missing some VERY key points.

    one point being... I KNOW I am not the center of the universe... GOD IS!

    Thank you to everyone else for being respectful...


  22. Hi I've been following your blog for a little bit now. Just wanted to say that I love that you're trying to share your family's healthy eating habits. I've never even thought twice about cow's milk. And we put cheese in almost everything we eat. It's one of my favorite foods. I am going to try the 7 day plan though and see what happens. Thanks!


  23. I really loved this post. Agree with everything 100%. My son was really sick the first couple years of his life. (He didnt talk until 3 1/2) I went to an alternative doctor and he put him on a special diet and some other therapy for yeast in his intestines. My son will be five in May and is healthy now!

    Thanks for posting! :)

  24. Brittany, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and research! I definitely believe this is a subject that each person should research for themselves and personally decide how they are going to eat and how they will feed their family. I think it's great that you strive to eat healthy at home but still have treats on special occasions. I'm a true believer in eating healthy and moderation of the not so healthy foods.

    I only drink milk on cereal and go through spurts of eating yogurt regularly. The hardest dairy product for me to part with is cheese. I always seem to find a way to add cheese to dishes...yum! Your post certainly got me thinking about how all the diary I eat could be effecting my digestion. I've had issues for as long as I can remember and Crohn's disease runs in my family. I knew that milk contained hormones and "bad" stuff but didn't realize the extent.

    I'm going to try cutting out diary starting tomorrow as I've already had cream cheese on a bran muffin I made last night with buttermilk and have homemade mac and cheese for lunch. I've tasted almond milk and I like it plain but not sure how's it's going to taste on my normal breakfast of cereal although Cheerios probably have a diary product in them. We'll see how it goes....

  25. Brittany,
    I think it's interesting how defensive people get when you bring up issues about the food we put in our bodies. Holy cow, Charity- you obviously don't get it.
    I reexamined my entire diet when I met my husband(he was a vegetarian, I wasn't) and learned a lot. I had to force myself to open my own eyes, it's so much easier to believe that these gov't agencies would never let us consume something that is bad for us. However, corruption exists, ESPECIALLY in gov't and you just never know. I think you and others (and myself) are wise to do our own research and decide what's best for our family. I am still struggling with your soy post, need to find time to read up more, but man I love soy!!!

  26. Brittany,
    I have been waiting for this cheese post. It gives me a lot to think about. I have noticed my daughter who is 21 months gets very congested after consuming milk products but I feel guilty taking her off milk because I am afraid she needs the nutrition from it. Rice and almond milk are not the same nutritionally. I have been trying hemp milk because it has a higher protein content. Would love to know what foods you add into your toddlers diet to make sure they get what they need.

  27. Wow that was a lot of information...thank you . It is something to think about. We love cheese and dairy in our family and too cut it out would be tramatic! It great that you and your family can do it!

  28. I was worried about my kids getting enough calcium too! We give our kids these calcium supplements by Nutrition Now. They are from a Health Food store in my area. The best part about them is that they dont taste bad. They are kind of like chewy candy.

  29. I'm totally with you about limiting conventional/processed dairy.

    I do think that that the books Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates have some incredibly strong arguments for the place of cultured and fermented foods in our diets--things like live sauerkraut and other cultured vegetables, kefir(from raw milk or coconut milk), and yogurt from raw milk from a cow that's out grazing on grass and not grown in close quarters where disease is rampant. These foods are a delivery system for probiotics to colonize our ever-ailing gastrointestinal tracts. After reading those sources, I realized just how many of the illnesses that plague us today (and even things like autism) are likely the result of poor gut health--perhaps from not getting enough cultured foods in our diet (not to mention not enough veggies, antioxidants, exercise, etc., etc.). Our GI tracts contain 70-80% of our immune tissue. Wow!

    Thanks for starting this discussion.

  30. Brittany,

    Thank you so much for sharing! I also wanted to share something with you... You stated that milk contains progesterone. This is the hormone that women are given after they have given birth and are breastfeeding in order to not get pregnant again right away. In other words, women who are trying to conceive should definitely cut back on their milk! It could be preventing them from conceiving!


  31. Thank you for sharing this info! I have developed a dairy allergy during this pregnancy and after not having dairy for the last month I have never felt better. Now I know why. We eat/drink all organic dairy, some even non-homogenized and it still bothers me. Anyway, thanks!

  32. I read your blog and respect your opinion but it is not a choice we'll make for our family. I do appreciate all of the information you put out.

  33. Thanks for all the great information. I love it! One question I have though is that growing up I was always told that dairy makes your bones strong. Do you take a supplement or what...? Thanks again for all the time you put into this!

  34. Well, it was a little gross to be drinking a cup of milk while reading this! LOL!

    Interesting thoughts though.

  35. My children do not drink milk and neither do I. My husband buys it and drinks it constantly. He is constantly spitting mucous, but won't listen. I will see if I can get him to read this. We do use a bit of yogurt and cheese and I will continue to do so. It's not a main staple for us, however. Thanks for your thoughts.

  36. Okay, NO.

    I have Crohn's disease. I have Crohn's disease. Let me say this one more time: I HAVE CROHN'S DISEASE!!!!!!

    It is not caused by dairy and it is not caused by a bacterium. You are doing a grave disservice to the people who live with Crohn's disease when you say that. Crohn's disease is a HEREDITARY AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDER. My sister and I inherited it from my father. My father, his brother, and his sister inherited it from their mother. My grandmother's brother passed it on to one of his daughters, who in turn passed it on to two of her children. My grandmother and her brother inherited it from their mother.

    I'd love to see you make the link to dairy with all of those people since over half of them are vegans.

    But a few of them are also Ashkenazi, and Crohn's disease runs rampant in that ethnic community. I don't know where you got the idea that it was caused by a bacterium, but that's horseshit.

    Seriously. There are several forms of Crohn's disease, all of which are filed alongside ulcerative colitis under the umbrella of IBD. IBD is not the same as IBS.

    My form of Crohn's disease works like this:

    My body does not regulate cultures well, and in addition, a segment of my intestines had fizzures at birth. Most people regulate cultures naturally and your body needs these bacteria to facilitate digestion. Because I do not have these bacteria, my body has difficulty discerning when it should and should not produce stomach acid. I produce digestive acid later than average during the digestive process.

    So when my stomach pushes the food into my intestines, it is a difficult process because sometimes the food is not fully digested. For this reason, it is best if I eat easily digestible foods and if I cook my vegetables to help my body break them down. Because I do not have a well-regulated culture level, my body does not absorb nutrients from foods the same way that most peoples' bodies do, which means that I have to eat more frequent small meals than average too just to get enough nutrients.

    My immune system is hyperactive, THE DEFINING ASPECT OF CROHN'S DISEASE IS THIS. I produce too many supers, which means that my immune system follows up my difficult digestive processes by attacking my digestive system. It does not recognize my digestive system as being dysfunctional and instead assumes that it is some sort of disease. And so my immune system ATTACKS my digestive system.

    AND NOT ONE SINGLE PART OF THAT HAS ANY GODDAMNED THING TO DO WITH DAIRY. I was BORN with Crohn's disease and I will DIE with Crohn's disease, and chances are that a complication from Crohn's disease - seeing as it is an auto-immune disorder and all - will do me in.

    I have no idea how Crohn's disease manifests itself in cows. I'll be the first person to admit to that. But Crohn's disease, like any disease which affects the gastrointestinal system, is a difficult disease to live with. Writing that "it's not hard to make the obvious connection to dairy on that one," when this is something that is chronic and that you are born with and that is hereditary does not help anybody who struggles with the disease.

    Funny thing is, and wow this disproves that statement you made, is that I have lived with this disease long enough and I have this disease severe enough to have been through several rounds of tests.

    They all come back the same. My body needs more dairy, something I'm not a big fan of, because dairy contains cultures. My body destroys my cultures, does not regulate my culture levels, and if I have a yogurt a day? Sometimes I can go two years without a signle Crohn's attack.

    When I skip a day, when my cultures and my B12 levels are low, it's all over.

    Please, please, please correct your blog entry to reflect the true nature of Crohn's disease. I'm not easily offended, I mean, it takes alot, but you just insulted my entire family, said that what we struggle with is something we could have controlled.

    And it's not. It's something that is related to the way our immune system develops.

  37. Many of those supposedly "bad" things you listed in milk are actually good for you. Immunoglobins are just antibodies- Things we make in our bodies all the time that help us fight infections. This is one of the reasons that breast feeding is strongly recommended. Mothers make antibodies that their babies are not yet equipped to make, and it helps them build a strong immune system. Many of the types of bacteria found in milk are also good for you. They can aid in digestion, and help your body absorb more nutrients. Even the "bad" bacteria is helpful to us by activating our immune system and making it stronger.

    Often dairy products do contain a lot of saturated fat, which is in no way good for us.

    Anyway, I wouldn't write them off entirely.

    - Nurse Anna

  38. Okay, look, it's been like twenty minutes since I responded to your post and I've calmed down a lot now. I'm really sorry that I just went off the deep end on you and that I used a public forum to do so. I know how inappropriate that is and I'm very, very sorry. You can feel free to delete my comment (I would if I could) because I really should not have been so harsh.

    Crohn's disease is something that differs from person to person, from family to family, and the fact is that it inspires me to be immensely careful about my diet. Most of my dairy is based on goat's milk purely because it is more easily digested than cow's milk which means that I absorb more from it, and we eat quite well because we don't want to run the risk of my body not absorbing enough nutrients - especially during this pregnancy. So I certainly understand what you are doing and I respect it. I love reading about your family and your nutritional choices because I know that when this baby is born, I will be experiencing many of the same things. We use rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc, just as you do, so I share some of your concerns about cow's milk (and goat's milk).

    I think that I simply became angry because I felt that your statement about Crohn's disease was inherently judgemental. I know that you did not intend this, because you admitted your lack of knowledge about Crohn's disease, and I have long felt that intentions matter more than interpretations. I'm very, very sorry that I lost sight of this when I responded above.

    I hope that you can accept my apologies. I will certainly do my best to ensure this never happens again.

  39. sounds good! we love our milk and cheese though or mucus..whatever it is we still love it! haha but like the alternatives you have listed too!! maybe we'll try some! thanks for the ideas!

  40. Thank you for sharing this info Brittany. I have to say, I have not personally researched this, but have heard this from several different sources. My kids don't like milk except on their cereal. They do like cheese and yogurt, but I think limiting how often I give them these would not be all that hard.

    I am so sorry that people feel the need to attack you on your on blog. I really appreciate the info. I don't think anyone is "out to get us", but I do think it is prudent to be responsible for our own health. Certainly no one is goign to care for our kids the way we do!

    Thank you for sharing!

  41. THANK you for posting about milk/cheese! I so agree that it creates way too much mucus and does some bad more than good. Having many Food Allergies has been eye opening and a challenge too; yes I can have dairy, but no soy, nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, or gluten :) I have actually learned to eat GOOD and feel great too :)

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  43. I’ve heard that unpasteurized milk is the healthiest for you, but not sure where this fits in. I also believe we were given animals- by God- to eat. Whatever your belief is, I’m not sure, but cows were put on this earth to produce milk and provide for us, am I right? And if the milk is pasteurized, wouldn’t t he pus be eliminated? I’m open to your opinion- and would love to accept it and go for it, but seem to be a little hesitant. Can you really just put ½ cup of applesauce in my cookie batter instead of ½ cup of butter? And since giving up soymilk, I’ve been trying rice milk- which I haven’t exactly enjoyed- and also gone to organic milk. Which, apparently isn’t much better for you? And the mucus part of your post is a little… hard to understand. I literally have mucus piling up in my body? Like… snot? As for buying food, I don’t even know what to look for. When you walk in a store, the words ‘natural’ ‘organic’ ‘enriched’ pop out to me, but who knows? Are they really? And if I think I’m understanding right… you cut out yogurt, and cheese, and cream cheese.. and wow! Just about anything that has dairy. : ( And what about eggs? Do you have an opinion on eating those? I’d love to hear it. Or bread? Do you buy special bread? Gluten free? Wow. This is so much to take in… And also, could you clarify on the chart? Those are things we’re supposed to avoid…? Well. This is a lot. I guess you could reply to this comment, or email me.
    Thanks. :)

  44. I think it's funny all of the people who were drinking milk while readin this post. I'm sure you've given people something to think about.

  45. Hmm..well, no I don't believe you when you say the FDA doesn't do much. I believe FDA info more than I believe info coming from a regular person who hasn't even studied nutrition. That said, I found this post very interesting. I have a hard time believing it all, and I am NOT saying you are lying or making things up, but it would be nice if you cited your sources.

  46. For those asking about why we are supposed to give our little ones whole milk until they are 2, my pedi told us that the fats in the whole milk are essential for brain development. Cow's milk is supposed to be the closest to breast milk as far as the fat content and the brain development-our breast milk is amazingly high in fats, and those are what our babies need! I actually have trouble with dairy products. I have never officially been diagnosed, but I seem to have pretty high lactose intolerance, and my brother has Crohns. But I LOVE cheese, and I love cereal-I just don't drink the milk afterward. I know what Brittany means about all the mucus it can cause-anyone with lactose intolerance knows about it firsthand-GROSS! Still, I don't really know if we could cut it out. We use it ALOT. Thanks for the info, though. It's always nice to get someone else's perspective.

  47. Informative post! My last 3 kids were all given rice milk after they weaned because the idea of cows milk, just disgusts me. My 3rd daughter developed frequent ear infections and with further research I decided to switch her to rice milk. Our ped at the time, did not feel that the ear infections were related to cows milk, but once the cows milk was eliminated from her diet, she no longer suffered from ear infections. My kids are not completely dairy free but I feel they are much healthier as a result of not having a diet high in dairy content. All of my daughters also did not suffer early puberty, which I feel is definitely related to the growth hormones in milk and meat.

  48. I think one of the reasons our grandparents and there parents and so one lived so well on cows milk, and cheese, was because they didn't inject the cows with hormones and feed them grain with all the additives. They ate what they raised and feed their animals the same and it was all healthier then. They didn't have all the pollutants that we do today. I'm not sure I could do what you do but I would sure love to give it a try. And also do you take calcium suppliments? Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us.

  49. kpruitt@marathongl.com4/9/09, 1:05 PM


    Thank you for sharing your opinions. Although I feel they are certainly only opinions. 50% of the cow population is sick? I think this is a little drastic. Be careful of your sources and always analyze their motives. Our family raises cattle and has for many generations. I can assure you that it is in our and your best interest to keep said cattle healthy. And colostrum??? Maybe you should go visit a dairy operation - have you ever seen colostrum - you wouldn't be drinking it. I'm really afraid someone with extreme views has given you some misinformation and you've swallowed it hook, line and sinker. I am not criticizing you for making these decisions for your family - to each their own. Just try not to spew opinions as though they are facts.

  50. Brittany...Excellent post! I love cheese and my good chiropractor friend has been telling me for years it is doing me no good. (Oddly, I was eating a cheese pizza and about spit it out when I read your post. I am going to challenge myself to 2 weeks w/o dairy.) Since becoming a parent, I have learned to research everything - including things the FDA says are ok. (The FDA is not perfect and has made many mistakes in the past.) You know what, you don't have to cite your sources or defend your presented the info you've researched on your blog and people can take it (and do some research on their own) or leave it. I love that you shared what you have researched b/c it gives me specifics on things to do my own research on. Thank you!

    P.S. Please continue to share these sort of things. There are some out there who will decide to look into things further than what they otherwise would have. There is so much to learn outside of mainstream thinking. :-)

  51. It would be nice to see your sources...or are they just your opinions. Hard to believe when you don't share where you got your info. Again, when we get information we need to research the person giving the information. Don't trust everything you read. I mean it could be coming from a quack like Michael Moore that people believe like gospel...ugh! Let's see what you are reading so we can also make an opinion of the author.

    Thanks from IN

  52. O.k. first of all I must say this was a well written post. I have a few other things I would like to adress first though
    1) those of you who are harsly critisizing this post through your comment and have something negative to say about every sentance.... why do you read this blog? If after the first fwe sentances you got so up tight MOVE ON..
    2) I have been following this blog for well over a year and have noticed on at least a dozen occasions or more Brittney has started her post's with a disclaimer stating she is not a doctor, she does nto have a health degree, she just wants to share what she has learned and is implementing in her household.
    3)just because the author or this blog has made decisions that you would not have made you have no right to call her out on them again this is HER BLOG and you are the reader no one is forcing you to listen to what she is writting
    4) Yes the FDA does some good thingd.. NO THE FDA IS NOT ALWAYS CONCERNED FOR YOUR HEALTH..I am nurse and let me just tell you there a more then a few drugs that the FDA has approved that are now banned and have many court cases against them because they never should have been approved.

    I think this was a great post, I agree with some of it... especially the part about digesting the hormones check this out

    In 1993, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (also known as rBGH, BGH, BST and rBST). This hormone is a genetically engineered copy of a naturally occurring hormone produced by cows. It is injected into cows in order to increase their milk production, by up to 10 to 30%.

    Cows injected with rBGH produce milk that contains high levels of IGF-1. IGF-1 is a powerful naturally occurring growth hormone found in the blood of humans and cows. The IGF-1 in cow's milk is chemically identical to that of humans, and can pass into the human bloodstream. Usually, when IGF-1 is consumed, it is broken down in the stomach, however the presence of casein in cow's milk prevents the breakdown. Studies have shown that humans with elevated levels of IGF-1 may be prone to cancer. rGBH is manufactured as Posilac by Monsanto and is quite controversial. Possible side effects in humans include production of elevated levels of insulin growth, premature growth stimulation in infants, breast growth in young children, increased risk of breast and colon cancer and other health issues.

  53. We have cut out dairy also. I do very little cheese on our veggie pizzas that we make on Friday nights. I use soy milk, but after reading your post about that, we are doing more research and will probably be switching to almond milk. We made almond milk and it was so good. I just want to get the one fortified with the extra vitamins.
    My kids don't like cow milk at all. Every once in a while I will let them get a chocolate milk at the store and sometimes I buy cheese sticks, but that is it.
    After reading this though, I won't be buying cheese sticks anymore at all. YUCK.
    Thanks for all of your research and well thought out post. I appreciate it.

  54. I agree that you should give credit to your sources. It was good that you gave a disclaimer in the beginning that you are not a doctor, nutritionist, etc. But since you are now technically a published author, it's very important to cite your sources. Just Google "how to cite sources" and you can learn how to do a bibliogrpahy. Petty for a personal blog? Perhaps...but when you get as many hits a day as you get, and you are essentially writing a commentary on health, not to mention again that you are a published need to cite your sources. If you don't, it can be considered plagiarism.

    Interesting post!

  55. AMEN Sista! Great post, and all VERY, VERY true! I've tried to cut out as much milke from my own diet as I possibly can, but I still have trouble with the cheese part. I don't eat a ton of cheese, but I like it on pizza, tacos and occasionally w/ nachos. My brother-in-law recently cut out all dairy and just like you said, he lost 10 lbs! My mother-in-law is a lung cancer survivor (and her cancer had spread throughout her entire body--google her name for her story Janet Vitt) and she without a doubt firmly believes her cancer was due to the amount of dairy she had consumed. There is tons of information out there supporting all that you have written and more. Those who do not believe what you have written here will be the ones who suffer from the ailments and diseases you listed!

  56. interesting. I've been off dairy now for 7 months due to my baby not tolerating it in my milk. I only miss it with pizza. I definitely eat lots more avocados now. I've never researched it like this, but I know when I drink baby acts like it is poison. And my older 2 boys weaned to non-dairy milk by their choice....not mine. I guess I'm glad they did! Although, they do eat tons of cheese. Do you think cutting out milk is the most important? compared to cheese and yogurt too?

  57. interesting post....
    growing up on a dairy farm and now married to a dairy farmer i have had my fair share of cows milk! we get it fresh, straight out of the tank...yum. i come from a family of seven and rarely were we EVER sick. we went straight from breast to cows milk (as did my boys).

    being dutch, i have a huge extended family who are all mostly dairy farmers (or were at least raised on one). we have no history of cancer, heart grandparents are alive and well in their late 80's and my great grandparents both lived to over 95.

    i'm lucky to live in canada where the rBGH growth hormone is banned (makes you wonder why its ok in the usa?!?). the cows are bred, have their calf...(like someone said a few posts before, the colostrum is not put into the tank, but fed to the calves (they need it to survive!). then the cow is milked for a cycle, bred again, left alone for a couple months and then it starts over again.

    God created cows to help work the land and feed us, that is their purpose!

  58. To those who keep saying "but I'm healthy"... its about risk reduction. Noone has said that if you consume large amounts of dairy you will most certainly die. Just like noone can claim that everyone that doesn't wear a seat belt will DIE in an automobile accident. When you know better, you do better. We're the only species in the world that consumes milk from another species on a regular basis. Sure, God put cows on the planet for a reason, however, he also gave us all brains (well most of us) and we should use them to learn.

  59. Hi,
    I have to agree with Sarah about the Crohn's disease comment. Connections can't be made just because it appears to be. I have Ulcerative Colitis which is under the same umbrella as Crohn's (IBD) and you just can't make a comment saying Crohn's is from dairy. Many people are born with it. I hope you make the correction.

    And seriously. I want to slap Charity for you... what a jerk.

  60. I don't let my son eat anything with cassein, dairy, gluten, high salicylates, red meat, eggs, colouring or flavourings. He has additional vitamin and mineral supplements in high doses and plenty of enzyme supplements. I researched the latest Autism (and Asperger's Syndrome) findings and biology on the net carefully before I started him on it. The diet itself was designed by Harvard researcher. (Except the reduced salicylate side of it - which was my idea) Before he started this special diet he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. He's been on the diet three years now and he has no remaining signs or symptoms of his previous diagnosis. Before the diet he was in a special school with severe social, medical and behavioural problems. Now he's in one of the top ranking private schools on a scholarship, has lots of friends, no medical problems and is a calm, responsible, normal boy.

  61. Thanks for the info.

  62. I'm not sure what happened to my first comment...oh well! Thanks for posting this. Much of what you listed are reasons we are backing off on the dairy. We just recently stopped haveing the MilkMan come by w/ our milk. We are simply taking steps though. Our oldest LOVES cheese (although I only buy it from Trader Joes) and our youngest LOVES yogurt (again, Stonyfield Farm for us) we'll back off of that in time as well!
    If it's okay with you I am going to add a link to your blog from mine. I love the info that yours contains and now I don't have to respond to a couple comments & emails that I have had!

  63. Thanks for posting this! I've struggled with the idea of dairy for a while now so its nice to get some insight from someone else on the matter. I think that dairy tends to affect some people more negatively than others. For me I notice a HUGE difference when I'm off of it. My face clears up, my asthma symptoms "magically" disappear and I lose weight. If I drink a cup of milk, I'm congested within 20 minutes of it hitting my stomach. I agree with you about moderation... People (myself included) tend to freak out with the idea that you have to get rid of all dairy right away.. I think the trick is to slowly start substituting other things into your diet depending on what works for you. If you feel better, then that's a good indicator that dairy shouldn't be an everyday staple in your diet. For people who are worried about getting their calcium, try adding chlorella and spirulina to your morning smoothie. Its an amazing superfood that contains all the calcium (and a plethora of other vitamins and minerals)you need.

    I've run across some other points of interest with my research as well. Doctors are starting to see an improvement with many children with Autism when Casein and glutein are cut from their diets. I've seen this firsthand in my own family with a cousin who is autistic.

    Thanks for the information! Keep it coming.

  64. wow....there are a lot of opinionated people out there.

    I'm glad that you care about your family enough to make decisions to do things that aren't easy....It's very easy to do what's easy, and ignore the rest.

  65. I also worked on a dairy farm for over 2 years right here in the good ole' USA. We did exactly like Jody said the cows were breed, the calves were born, colostrum feed to them. When the cow was milked for the first time after having a calf her milk went into a seperate bucket and went down a drain(NOT into the tank). If you really want to know how things work on a dairy farm, then maybe you should visit one for a day to see that not all those bad things are happening there. -Sara

  66. just curious how you feel about eggs. are there similar effects with hormones and eggs?: why would you eat a chicken egg? would you eat a human egg?

  67. interesting info. I think about cutting out dairy, not really for my own health but for the mistreatment of the animals. I'm curious if you eat meat??

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  69. HI there,

    Unfortunately, since you profess to be a Christian, you left out the most important part: what the Scriptures say. I'd advise you to do as much reading of the Bible as you do in research for your food posts. (And I am NOT a hater, I truly mean that honestly.) I know what you'll find if you do: that my God put us here and animals here; that He specifically gave us dominion over them, to eat them and use them in a healthy manner; to drink their milk (yes, it IS Scriptural!); that we have a whole and healthy life in Christ; that our words will direct our future (and give us life or death!); that no poisonous thing shall hurt us ... well, I could go on and on, but honestly, I think you really ought to do your OWN research here.

    I know you'll get a lot of comments patting you on the back ... but I couldn't care less what anyone has to say except the Holy, unerring Word of God. Thankfully, His meal plan is the only one I need for my family. And yes, it includes milk.

    Of all the research you've done, honestly, none of it impressed me in the least. I urge YOU to pray about it and consult the only handbook on health you will ever need.

    And let me reiterate, lest I am misunderstood: I am NOT a hater, I nearly spit the milk out of my nose when I read that some people think that those who disagree with you are jealous of you, and for those who have advised that we who disagree with you find somewhere else to go, well, I think I shall. I have lost my respect.

  70. Interesting: as I was posting, I saw this Scripture on your site:

    "The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?"

    I suggest you add your yes to this as you thank the Lord and drink a glass of milk.


  71. Whether you love to hate me. Or just plain hate me. I am and will always be a defender of logic and advocate for reality. And whether or not you consider me worthy adversary, we all have an internal B.S. detector, and when mine goes off, I am prone to speak my mind. I haven't lived enough years to know if this is a strength or weakness.

    I call complete B.S. on the vast majority of these "health news" posts. They should be called "One sided research Health paranoia" or "Health consiracy theories" NOT health news.

    If we really want to improve our health or lifespan we should...drum roll please...

    1. Eat LESS! Of whatever, just plain less. And quit with all these obsessions over food and near-religious exhaltations of it.

    2. Go for a freaking walk! Really just a few times around the block and you are better off.

    3. Eat a WIDE variety of ALL food groups. This way, when it turns out that when one of the latest fads like soy is bunk or if something bad like salmonila enters the food supply, you haven't been ingesting large quantities of it.

    4. Wash your hands often, with regular old soap and water (antibacterial not needed).

    Of course, if you find that you are sensitive or even allergic to any food such as milk, then don't eat it!! This is not rocket science and we certainly don't need to implicate an entire Industry like the Dairy Industry to explain away our problems.

    I am blessed with perfect health and so far so is everyone in my family and we don't practice any alternative lifestyles. Just common sense, which is becoming less and less common.

    The lifespan and quality of humans continually improves despite the fact that YES, of course, the quality of our food supply has taken a hit in order to be able to keep up with the demand from the population bomb that is Earth. How do you explain that?


  72. Hi Brittany,

    I thought this was a very interesting post. I am scientist and I just spent some time reading through biomedical health articles that have investigated the relationship between milk intake and mucus production. No scientific study has ever found a relationship between milk and mucus. Some studies have found that those people who believed milk causes increased mucus production reported having more mucus in their bodies and more mucus when they have head colds and drink milk. However, investigators found no actual statistical difference in their mucus production when they drank milk versus when they didn't. This shows us how powerful the mind is, since it can make us feel a certain way, even if there is no evidence to support that feeling. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it is a common myth that milk increases mucus, but it has never been supported by science.


  73. Thank you Brittany! I'll be doing some research of my own now. I've been back and forth on dairy products for a while (we have already cut out all meat a few years ago) but have mostly been holding back on researching dairy out of fear of what I would find. I love cheese and butter!

    @rebekah-I can't speak for what Brittany believes, but I am a Christian, and I do believe that God has has provided animals for us to eat (meat, dairy, etc.). I am not a vegetarian because I don't think it is ethical to eat meat. I think the greater problem with animal products in general is the methods of production in the US, as well as the over-consumption by most people in this country. I won't go into detail here, as it would take up far too much room on someone else's blog, but the way the animals are treated, the way many people in the meat industry especially are treated, and the impact of over-production on the environment has led me to give up eating meat completely. I don't think it is "un-Christian" to choose to consume animal products, nor is it "un-Christian" to choose not to.

    For those of you wondering where to get calcium and protein if you were to give up animal products, many plant sources offer tons of these nutrients. Dark leafy greens are a great source of calcium, for example!

  74. Great... there goes my nice glass of milk with dinner. Now when I look at it all I see is mucus!

    Seriously though thanks for sharing this info. I had no idea about the mucus thing and while gross it's good to know.

    I'd love it if you could do a post on sugar. We are cutting that out right now and it's more of a struggle than I thought it would be.

  75. I don't always agree with you (especially on the vaccinations topic) but I'm 100% with you on this one. I've said for years, why are we drinking COWS is that natural to us??? Verrrry interesting to learn how many hormones are in milk. I do loves my dairy products.... ;D but you've given me a lot to think about. And like you said, you don't have to cut it completely. But perhaps I should think a bit more when I'm ordering my morning latte! Then again, I've heard soy milk is not much better....we can't win!


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  77. Thank you, thank you thank you…you have just confirmed a bit more on what I have discovered about the “white stuff”…

    I have been "off" milk/dairy now for 6 or so months...

    I was a dairy fiend....I mean every single meal....something...milk in my coffee, cheese on my eggs, cheese on my crackers, in my chili..etc, etc, etc...


    I have done a post of my experiences on my blog

    I am from the desert...and ALWAYS had allergies...blamed them on the season, desert, grass cutting, the wind....

    So for ME this worked, I cut out about 95% of all dairy out of my diet...and low and behold...I DON'T SNEEZE. I don't have to take medicine...I don't even have the cravings for carbs like I use too.
    I have noticed that if I eat beef...I also have the same I am cutting out beef too.

    Thanks again Brittany!!!

  78. This is for Charity...

    This has nothing to do with the cheese post:
    The lifespan is not continuing to improve. That is a fact. The WHO (world health organization) and the CDC (center for disease control) have both listed the life span to have dropped for the youth right now.

    Plus our B.S. detectors are not always a scientific fact or always a good indication from the truth. But. Be it as you wish.

  79. ok food for thought as far as the milk post is concerned but ive been meaning to ask and you mentioned it again in this post, what are haystacks?

  80. hmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting. I do have a husband and son that LOVE milk and both have issues with mucus and allergies. There are times that we limit my son's mild drinking because it seems to flame the problem.....

    Google google google.............

  81. I've just been reading through the comments...just wanted to tell Sarah I think she has nothing to apologize for. I have a friend with Crohns too, and also learned about Crohns in my health class. Yes, it's present at birth so Brittany you got that part wrong.

    I also wanted to ad to "Anonymous" who posted about Aspergers Syndrome - I also have AS and cutting out dairy does not cure it. Some people improve when casein is removed but not everyone.

    I would say to everyone here: try for yourself, if cutting out dairy works for you then try it. If you find you have no health problems and enjoy your dairy, keep it in your diet. Whether God made it or not, you're all free to consume or not consume!

  82. Wow - you really got me thinking! I can't say that I am overly eager to EVER drink milk again (although cheese and icecream are going to be awfully hard to do without - we are looking for ways to cut back on the cheese though and have ice cream rarely). My question, though is that they say that babies need the fat from whole milk from age 1 to 2. What do you do in place of that? Or do you give them the milk during that time period?
    Thanks for giving me something to think about. I would love to lose the weight from a gallon of mucus!:)

  83. Dear Charity,

    Show some maturity and respect will ya? Or maybe you have none. GROW UP!

    To attack someone's children or involve them in a discussion the way you did is uncalled for. You are rude and must be jealous to have attacked Brittney like that. So, take some advise and shape up or ship out?! Got it?

    Britney, everything you have said is very true. I have researched this stuff for over 15 years myself. Talked with numerous professionals and doctors. The truth is, we love to ignore this stuff so we don't have to be held accountable. If people do their research they will find out the truth. I thank you for writing about this and putting up with rude people who attack you. Sorry about that. Please keep writing. You have a gift! Oh, I hope you teach your girls to have their kids young and many of them!

    Heidi from Chicago

  84. I always find it funny when someone comments about someone else "being rude/judgemental" in their comments, but isn't that exactly what you did? Just because you obviously didn't agree with the other persons comments doesn't then make you right. Oh so funny! I just think people are trying to say about Chron's (sp?)/Asperger's ect. that maybe Brittany shouldn't comment on something she doesn't know about. To read about something doesn't give you absolute knowledge on something. I don't think people are jealous of her as what she does is something that works for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Also, I think if this is such great research then someone else has done it for her, and those sources should be noted.

  85. As a woman who had cut out all dairy for 4 months as a new year's resolution a few years ago, I applaud this post! Alas, I went back to eating dairy when I started dating my now husband (largely because I felt as though I was asking his family to adopt food habits that they weren't prepared for--they tried to accomodate my non-dairy-ness at all functions and I felt like the "Oh look at her, she's our son's new girlfriend [in a whisper: she doesn't eat dairy]" spotlight was too much. But now, as a nursing mom, I'm again reminded of my conflicted feelings on dairy (tasty? Yes. Good for me? No. I really appreciate the post. Thank you for sharing!! I think I'm heading back to the my-human-milk-is-for-my-baby and cow's-milk-is-for-baby-cows way of thinking.

  86. Sarah,

    You are not the authority on CD. I also have it in the family and guess what? Cutting out Dairy has helped so much! Some in the family have said it is gone because of a serious diet change 2 years ago. NO DIARY!

    People have had cancer healed and much more through diet change. Have you ever seen Christina Cooks? Her story is great!

    We inherit things yes, but those inherited things were born out of a certain way of life way back when. Watch Nova, they explain this very well. We can change the things our future offspring will inherit if we change what we eat. It takes years and years for a disease to be born in the body and passed on. It all starts with how we take care of ourselves and eat.

    Like I said Nova did a special on this and it was amazing.

    It's all about what we put in our bodies people!

  87. Interesting post, Brittany. I agree that many commercial practices involved in the dairy industry are problematic. But I also think that pure and natural dairy (like Abraham served to his "human" visitors in Genesis) is quite beneficial for most people. By pure and natural, I'm referring to cows who graze, live in clean and spacious conditions, etc. Obviously we must allow for the exception of those who are allergic. But the fact is that there are tribes all over the globe who rely on dairy as a mainstay in their diet, and they have very little incidence of most of the diseases you mention. My conclusion is that the main problem with foods and beverages is all the processing that occurs, like pasteurization of milk, bleaching and stripping of wheat, etc.


  88. Re: Anonymous 1:14 on April 10.

    I did not intend to come across as high and mighty. My opinion was this: the blog post is misleading.

    Brittany makes a blanket statement about Crohn's disease when she says that "EVERY" person with CD has tested positive for MAP. This is false. I have Crohn's disease and I have always tested negative for MAP.

    I may be in the minority, but I am not an outlier, and had she consulted the Mayo Clinic website or the CCFA or scientific journals on the topic, she would have found that she was mistaken. She would have found, in fact, that studies have routinely shown that MAP has been disproven over and over as the cause of Crohn's disease. Some scientists still think that MAP aggravates symptoms in many CD folk and maybe they're right, but nobody knows.

    I have no problem accepting that many Crohn's patients are better off without dairy. I believe that every human body functions differently and that every person needs to make decisions about their health on an individual basis. I fully support your relatives in their quest for better health and I fully support Brittany's choices as they work for her family. I was using the cultures as a personal example, because although this does not apply to every form of Crohn's, my inflammation and malabsorption begins when I do not intake enough cultures. This does not apply to everyone and I know this.

    I do not support Brittany or any other person making blanket statements about a disease that are medically incorrect and that allow for people to make unfounded judgements about people who live with this disease.

    I'm sorry that I came off the way I did. This was never my intent and I hope this clarifies my position a little bit.

  89. I think it's great that Brittany's post stirred up some discussion.

    Everyone who is "sittin' on the fence" so to speak, about the dairy issue, I encourage you to do some research on your own about the subject. It's one thing to read someone else's collection of information, but when you invest your own time into the research, it will be of value to you. It's easy, just start Googling your questions.

    Here are a couple ways you can make sure your resources are credible:

    ~make sure you find the same basic information in 3 or more sites

    ~make sure the information is not put out by any organization that has another money-driven agenda,or is trying to sell a product

    This is a good way to make sure your information is unbiased and factual.

    So go to it, girls! Get out there and make health decisions for yourself! It's fun to learn, and our duty to be in charge and informed about what we put in our bodies!

    Thank you to all the respectful commenters here, even if you disagree. There are always going to be two sides to every issue, but there always should be basic manners.

  90. Thank you for taking the time in sharing this post. I am very interested in my family living and eating healthier than we do. I hate that it seems like it cost so much more to live that way. And I know that that is a lame excuse and can be argued in many different directions, but still it does seem to cost us much more upfront money and we struggle enough as it is.

    Anyway, I think I'm gonna try the no dairy challenge for the fun/heck of it and see if I can do it and see if I can feel a difference. My kids love cereal, and so many other dairy products. Do you have any good tips on trying to "wean" kids of dairy? I could probably go over what you have shared and get them to take the challenge with me and it be kind of "fun" for them, just not sure how long the "fun" would last before they start giving me grief. I would hate to make them quit cold turkey, you know what I mean?

  91. my daughter had a life threatening allergy to milk protein...that meant a complete exclusion diet of everything with all forms of milk in was tricky to learn but absolutely essential to her living!! therefore not hard at all.

    it's just about educating yourself about what foods have what in them...good post Britany, I know it's been a long time coming.

    Thankyou for sharing
    Susan :):)

  92. Brittany,

    I think it's great that you are causing people to sit up and pay attention to things they may not normally even think about. As Christian women we should be striving for a Proverbs 31 attitude, where we weigh out the options and make a decision for the good of our families.

    To all the readers: Brittany is not an expert. A lot of what she says are her opinions and you shouldn't take everything (or anything, necessarily) as gold. Test it yourself, research it yourself (don't just Google everything though, girls! Anyone can write what they'd like on a website). That's how pure gold is found anyway, right? Test it in the fire and what remains is the real thing.

    All this to say, don't be upset at her for writing her opinions on her own blog. She's done an admirable thing- introducing you to a topic you otherwise might not have even noticed.

    One last thing to Brittany: You have over seven hundred followers who read your blog. People pay attention to what you say. With that in mind, you should be even more careful with what sources you choose to cite and make sure that the information you're posting is as accurate as possible. Otherwise, you're doing people a major disservice.


  93. The idea of losing "mucus weight" is the most ridiculous notion...I mean, seriously. How can you not laugh?

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Brittany,
    Thanks for the information! I like what Michael Pollan (In Defense of Food) says: "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." I think it's pretty obvious that the foods that are best for us come from plants. So we should eat MOSTLY plants, but not make ourselves crazy with the rest. As you said, "Do what you can easily and pray about the rest." Great phrase!

    And thanks for the ideas about things to substitute for dairy, I'll definitely be trying some of those ideas!

  96. WOW...I am simply amazed at some of the rude comments on here. If you don't agree GREAT, but don't be rude, just move on to the next blog you believe in!! I do believe that society can go overboard, however I don't think that cow's milk is great either. For all the people who bash, try it, see how different you feel, and then come back and respond. Believe me it takes a much stronger person to cut these things out than it does to come and type rude things to someone for their beliefs!

  97. I have never heard this, but am definitely going to look into it some more.
    I think the best thing for us to do, is what many have said and do some research on our own. We have a lot to learn from each other.
    I'm a firm believer in "everything in moderation."
    I do think we have to be careful though, because it's so easy to become consumed with all the "what if's" in life. We are never going to find all of the answers, so sometimes I think we just have to live life and trust God. And just because it works for someone else, it may not work for you/me.

    Thanks for challenging us to learn more. It's good to be made aware of the possibilities!

  98. a friend just told me about your blog, and i love it! thank you so much for this post, too! i've been recently eliminated dairy from my diet, and have been having the roughest time trying to convince my family that i'm not actually crazy, that yes, i do feel better not eating it. thanks for all the good substitute suggestions, too!

  99. Thank you for your time & effort in this post. Whether or not I (or anyone else) agrees or disagrees with you, you have well-thought out ideas and plans for your family. Our challenge, as mothers and wives, is to do what we feel is best for our family. I know many of my choices are considered radical by many and mainstream by many. What is important is that I make educated decisions based on what is best for my family. I always love posts that challenge me outside my current way of thinking. Thank you for the time you put into your cheese post. While I love cheese and probably always will, you've given me a lot to think about and will most likely consume less cheese when I look into it further.

    You have an amazingly beautiful family and I love to see how much you love the Lord! Praise God for mommas like you!

  100. what a great post! thank you for sharing all this info. I am wondering though if you might be able to recommend a book or a site where you learned a great deal of information about this in. would you let me know if you have any suggestions? thanks!


  101. How do you/your kids get their calcium? This is interesting!

  102. Did you know that we are the only living thing that drinks another living things milk? Brittany you are not far fetched. The closests animals milk to human milk enzyme wise is goats. Rice and coconut milk are great choices. We are not a milk free family (although the only dairy I eat is cottage cheese and cheese) they don't drink a whole lot. I totally agree with everyone saying our parents ect drank it and they were fine... BUT if you could have no IBS, no heart burn, no skin issues ect wouldn't you give it a try? We have recently switched to seasalt eliminating chemicals from our diet. (don't bash me have you ever seen table salt made??). We also eat very differently than many of our "friends" we cook at home from scratch... WAY TO GO GIRL! SPEAK YOUR MIND!
    Happy day.

  103. A friend of your emailed this to me. I hate milk. But I have 3 kids under 7... who of course love it and we are told need it. We have done organic milk for the last year or so... but I am concerned that maybe we should do goats milk. What do you think??? I have a 17 month old that I am especially concerned about.

  104. thanks for the post, Magic Brush actually linked me to your page. it's funny because I recently wrote a post called "web of chaos" addressing the numerous things i've heard about how to go about my weight loss...and one man mentioned not drinking milk. I thought it was absurd, but after reading your post I'm reevaluating my conclusion.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!