words & eye candy

life with 6 children
being a farmers wife during harvest
teaching a 5th grader, 4th grader & 2nd grader
...keeps me busy

harvesting a half acre garden
making a gallon of pesto
building blanket tents under the apple tree
...keeps me busy

painting my room the color of my blog
painting the girls dresser pink
organizing 4 boys into one room
...keeps me busy

cleaning the RV for company to stay in
power-washing windows
steam cleaning our mildewed bedroom furniture
...keeps me busy

giggling with my girlies
catching salamanders and butterflies with my boys
playing with adorable kittens
...keeps me busy

and I wouldn't have it any other way

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  1. Isn't making pesto from the garden the best? I freeze it in smaller containers or in ice cube trays for winter use. It's so beautifully green, even in the freezer. And... UGH about the steam-cleaning the mildew. I'm so sorry you have to go through that with the flooded basement.

  2. Ridiculous cuteness!!! Wish I was there to help...*sigh*

  3. A sister is the best thing a girl could have. I would be lost without mine. And my sister-in-law, who is really more like a sister from birth.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  4. I love the look of your blog right now!! :)

  5. ohmygoodness the kitties! hahahaha, probably every comment I leave when you post the kittens on here will be like this ;)

  6. I love the color! I just did our bathroom, and LOVE it.

  7. Your photos are seriously amazing, Britt!


  8. The pictures are beautiful!! And the kittens are adorable! :D

  9. Oh, good gravy.

    I'm not a cat person. I'm deathly allergic. But the photo of the kitten with her paw up nearly killed me with the cute.

    You, lady, are one amazing photographer.


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