Where did you come from... where did you go?

The idea of people who I’ve never met before, have no relation to, live miles and miles away & may never know personally… finding my blog… is… odd. Well, let me say… now that I understand blogland it’s not weird anymore. But at one time it really was. So anyway… what I’m getting at is…

Where did you come from? How did you find my blog? And where did some of you go? Are you still reading but not commenting? I know there are lots of you out there… hundreds of you in fact. Which I LOVE… it’s so fun to get to know all of you and to share our life with you. I hope that I can inspire and encourage you and I LOVE to find other mom’s blogs that do the same for me.

If I don’t know you are here… how can I visit you? The best way to find other blogs you can find a connection to is through comments and links on someone’s blog. So… if you’re out there let me know. AND if you’ve added my link to your blog let me know that too. I’d love to do the same for you. If I’ve added you to my links I’d REALLY appreciate it if you would add me to yours.

It really is a wonderful ability to be able to connect with other mom’s who are going through the same stage or you’re behind them watching as they wade through. I’ve met so many wonderful mom’s in blogland and I hope to continue. I know my blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… and that’s fine… but maybe they will find someone they can connect with from my link list.

SO… if you’re there… let me know it!

Oh and what started this post originally… I was going to post about all the funny things people search that lead them to my blog.

“mini mohawk hair” Wonder if this was what they were looking for?

“four little men twins blog” Yup… that’s us!

“5 week baby bump” I defiantly had one then but it wasn’t posted

“bean pot pie” Yummy… here’s the recipe

“can I eat garbanzo beans when I am pregnant” Of coarse you can!

“huge twins belly picture” Not yet!

There were also some not so nice searches about men and boys. Ewww!

And LOTS of health questions… I wonder if they found their answer.


  1. I'm here.
    You're linked.
    I'll be back.

    (I really can't remember how I found yours, but I'm so glad I did.)

  2. I think that I found you from a comment on My Life as a Mom! whom I found from a comment on 4tunate! LOL. I've listed you as a blog I read :)

  3. just linked on from another blog. (whose blog i linked on to through a friend). i dont blog myself but found your pictures / stories intriguing!!! kids are in my future and i find it so cool how many you have an how you manage to stay sane !!

  4. Nope. You definitely do not have the huge twin belly yet.
    I originally found you from the other Brittany's site. I'm always keen on finding other moms are all boys.
    Glad I found ya!

  5. Hey! I just found your blog today so in response to your post I'm commenting so you'll know I was here.

    I'm from Virginia. I have NO IDEA how I made my way to your blog. I love seeing the pics of your boys. They are PRECIOUS!

    We have FIVE boys and are in the process to adopt a baby girl from Kyrgyzstan! If you want to read my blog just email me... I might not be back to your blog again unless you comment on mine because I'll forget how to get here.

    Best wishes to you and your family and wishing you well with your 2 little ones on the way!

  6. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I stop by every once in a while.

    Your boys are adorably precious!!

    I'm not a mom (yet), but I enjoy reading about your journey through motherhood :)

  7. I don't even know how I found your blog but, I love it! I check it every day!!! Your linked on my blog 3ofhartz.blogspot.com.

  8. Hey! I "found" you when you first started commenting on my blog, so I guess I'd have to ask if YOU remember how YOU found ME! Oh, and you were linked on my blog, of course, but my links all went away because of a glitch and they will be back, no worries!

  9. Hey! I found you through my friend over at My Charming Kids. I have you on my google reader and like to keep up with your family! :)

  10. I don't know how I found you, but I have two boys, so you intrigued me with your 4 and then you announced your pregnant with twins and I was hooked!

    I am due with our third in November. And maybe secretly hoping its twins!

    I will add you to my blog list, I just don't get around to updating it all that often!

  11. I think I found you thru Princess Diaries by Jennisa and I found her thru a friend. My blog is private right now but you are welcome to e-mail me for the address. I love Jesus, photography, organic living, and kids so we have a lot in common I think. And I am also from Indiana.=)

  12. I'm Lindsay, I'm from Kansas and I'm married with 3 kiddos. I have no idea how I found your blog, I don't know if that says more about my brain or how funny the internet is. Anyway, I'll be linking to you.

  13. i happened on your blog through someone's who i happened on through someone elses :) I love reading your blog, and you turned me onto google reader, my habit has become so much more manageable now haha! Anyways, I have had you linked for awhile at my blog notsoextraordinary[dot]blogspot[dot]com... i'll be back tomorrow and then next day and the next....... :)

  14. I think you first started commenting on my blog...also...how do you find out what brought people to you? You know- what searches they did to find you...

  15. I found you through my friend elaine's blog (miss-elainous life). I have learned a lot from reading your blog and I just did a post about plastic and linked your post about it. Thanks for all the info and keep it coming!

  16. I found you through a link on another moms blog, I think it was "Under the Laundry Pile". I'm from the west coast of Canada and mom of one little 17 month old boy. I don't have a blog at the moment. I really enjoy seeing pics of your boys, your style, and your health tips! - Simone

  17. I started blogging by chance...and really wanted to connect with some other mom's who had boys, boys... boys.

    I think it's a little different when you only have boys at home because there's no girls to balance out all that competition, all that potty talk, all that - ewww stuff.

    The older my boys get, the more questions I have.

    How much is too much?
    What does balance look like... with too many sports teams and not enough nights in a week?
    Which son gets daddy as coach this year?

    How do mom's figure it out?
    I think my best bet will be to get ideas from mothers who have walked down this path.

    I loved your blog because it had links to moms with boys!


    ps -- I also love your blog because your pix are adorable!

  18. I think I found you by clicking on healthy living or natural living for interests...hmmm...memory not so good. But both make sense! ;)

    I have learned lots and I feel like I'm a similar journey as yours. Only less kids, hahahaha. Just the one for now, maybe forever, who knows.

    Either way, he sure has made me much more committed to lessening our environment impact, lessening the synthetics and toxins that we come in contact with (to the extent we can), and generally living a better life. Amazing how such tiny packages do that huh?!

    So yes I'm still here, and of course I'm hooked. With the mystery of two little babies and the adventure of 4 growing boys, how can I not be?! ;)

  19. I also can't remember how I found you. I kind of think it might be through Mommee and Her Boys . . .but I'm not sure.

    And how weird are peoples' searches? I'm known for "Chuck E Cheese Law" among other things.

  20. I'm here.
    If I remember correctly I found you through a Wordless Wednesday post. Just before you made the announcement about the impending addition to your household!
    I may not comment often but I check in daily.

    Oh, and yes I've got you linked on my blog too.

  21. I dont remember whose blog I was reading. But I have learnt from you and love reading about your family. we make sweet potato fries and got rid of all our bad plastic cause of you.
    I would add you to my blog roll but I dont know how ha. I started my blog only a couple months ago after reading some for a long time.

  22. Hi Brittany, I found your blog through Drea's. I've been silently stalking for a few months. I'm not a mom, but I'm a nanny... so sometimes that's close enough, hee hee. I love your story and your family is gorgeous, and I LOVE that you are having twins! I still think it's so funny that people are reading my blog in which I have no idea who they are. It's fun though because I've made some great, even BEST friends through the blog! It's great how God brings people together through the most random circumstances! :)

  23. I always feel wierd commenting on peoples blogs that I don't know, but it is more and more common :)

    You take great photos and have such interesting posts on health issues.

  24. I'm not really sure how I found your blog but you are in my google reader! I love your blog and photos:)

  25. Hi there! I started blog surfing a couple of weeks ago and, somehow, made my way to yours. I definately put you in my "favorites" folder!!! I am a stay-at-home mom of two boys age ten and five! I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to check mine out and add me to the "boy mama bloggers" list!!!! :))
    I also love photography and have really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures!!! You have inspired me to think "out of the box" in my picture taking!
    I look forward to reading your blog! :)
    P.S. Your belly looks adorable!!!!

  26. I don't remember how I found your blog but I love it. I'm very interested in photography and I'm a new mom to a 5 week old boy so your blog is a perfect fit for me! You are linked from my blog. I couldn't not share it with my readers!

  27. I found you on Susie's blog (Be Strong and Courageous). I have added you to my blogroll and will definitely be back!!

    Come visit me too!

  28. In January I saw a comment you wrote on Renee's blog and wanted to see who else in this world had "four little men"! A lot about you reminded me of myself, so I laughed and told my husband you must be a pisces too! Then when you wrote in February about your birthday I laughed again!
    Anyway. We're big foodies here and loving the vegetarian/natural/organic movement, so I scope out your blog for new recipes to try! Your black bean soup is becoming a staple in my kitchen....


  29. To be honest, I can't remember how I came across your blog. But it was through someone else's link I'm sure. I'm a mom of four with three of them being boys. So I love reading other moms of boys too. I love photography and I think I found you because I saw your self-portrait on a comment of yours on another blog. I thought is was a cool picture and love the angles you get in your photography.

    And I'll echo others and say I think your belly is great. Sniff, sniff, I'm done so I have to resort to writing up my birth stories on my blog and loving on other people's babies.

    Love your blog. =0)

  30. I have commented before, but I really check in on you daily!

    I think I found your blog, by clicking on a response from you on another blog! I REALLY enjoy your photos!
    And your cooking sessions!

    You are linked on my blog! :)

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your life!

  31. I tripped and landed on your blog. I am a Mama of two boys, married to my highschool sweetheart, love the LORD, moved to New England 2 yrs. ago, waiting to see where God will lead us next. I enjoy your blog, awesome shots, and the tunes are a total bonus...how do you do that? I love photography so I started blogging to keep family back home involved in our boys daily lives. May God Bless you and your family. Take care, feel free to visit my blog. It's neat how paths cross in this life.

  32. I have no recollection of how I found you. I haven't commented in awhile, because I have so many blogs that I have bookmarked under "Mommy's fun blogs" that I can't keep up! :-)

    I think the blogosphere is weird, too, but I love it. I like reading other people's blogs more than posting on my own, but come on over when you can!

    btw, you have the most beautiful kids. Can't wait to see the twins! :-)

  33. I have you on my GoogleReader and always read your posts but rarely comment - there just isn't enough time in the day! I think I found you through "the other Brittany." My blog should be linked here, stop on by!

  34. Hiya! I've posted a few times in the past. I've come via Sgt and Mrs Hub. I'm a married, Christian momma to Oceana and Joshua (who lived for 9 1/2 weeks). You've been on my blogroll for about a week and on my reader for a few days (only because I didn't update sooner!). I love your pictures - it inspired me to get better with mine (and I first drooled about cameras while reading your blog). And I especially watching your pregnancy updates. :)
    It's always great to read about other young, Christian Moms.

  35. I found you through MckMama's site. I think the first post I saw was a recipe-you hooked me with that. I love new food recipes and have tried a couple of yours. Yummy! Blessings.

  36. I think I found you from a comment you left at Under the Laundry Pile and how I found that one, I don't remember! I just like reading about other fams with lots of kids especially close in age.

  37. Hi! I found your blog through clicking on a comment you left on someone's else's blog, I think. I was intrigued by the 4 little men title:)
    I live in Va and have 2 little men and 1 little woman.
    I have just learned so much from different mommy blogs and different perspectives. And I really like your perspective on a lot of things!
    Also my husband and I are high school sweethearts as well, and that's just not something you see much of now a days.
    Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  38. I found you through my other favorite blogs--you commented and/or they referred to you. Finally, I visited. I lurked for awhile (which I do . . . sort of my "getting-to-know-you" period before I start posting--not the best random poster . . . ).

    Love hearing how people find you. This blogosphere place is CRAZY!! Gotta love it!

  39. I found you through Andrea's blog (http://sgtandmrshub.blogspot.com/) I'm not sure if she linked to you in a post or if I was just looking through her side bars either way I enjoy reading!


  40. Hmm...I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog...I love that you have little boy babes and that you desire a big family. Love it. And I love your blog.

  41. This post was particularly apropos when I just found your blog. I noticed your comment on Carrie Keisers blog and hopped over. Congrats on your twins. I look forward to reading more.......

  42. Ive been following your blog for a little while now, I found you on Twinsmagazine message board. Its just nice to follow because I am having twins as well so anyway hi Im Alisia, I havent set up a blog yet. I would like to but I am not sure how to do it.

  43. Wow, you're one popular lady! I found you through Sgt & Mrs Hub, who I went to high school with. And you're linked on my blog. By the way, I've always thought of doing a post with the crazy searches that lead to my blog. Oddly, mostly related to my pumpkin obsession!

  44. I'm here and check in often. I found you through my sister's blog (My Charming Kids - aka MCK Mama) but I'm pretty sure you knew that already :)

    You truly are blessed!!


  45. I think you know how I found your blog. But I am very glad you have it so I can feel like I am more connected to the best nephews ever! Also, you inspired me to start my own blog, and now I am using google reader which is cool! I am hooked but I will say that I read a lot of blogs without commenting. And I need some lessons in links and all that stuff:)


  46. I check yout blog
    often, I have boys and twins to. I found you on someones comments!

  47. What a day to see your blog for the first time. I am a mommy of two just exploring blogs for fun. I clicked on your blog from the Sams family blog. Not exactly sure how I came across that blog so many months ago either. Just havin' fun, that's all! By the way, you have four gorgeous children... I am sure the next two will be just as sweet.

  48. I found your blog through another blog. I think you have such a beautiful family. I admire you very much. I'm 30yrs old, married and have a 9 yr old son and 11 month old daughter. We live in NJ. I have not been able to get into blogging but I may try it again soon. Congrats on your pregnancy. I can't wait to see if you are going to have more boys!!

  49. Hello, I found your blog today through another blog and I love it. Your pictures are wonderful.

  50. I found your link on a friend of mine's blog. I love your pics!

    I feel a connection because I have 3 little ones (5,3,and 20months) with one (at least I think its one!) on the way, due in June.

  51. I saw you comment on My Charming Kids and liked your photo...plus anyone who has 4 kids I want to meet...I also have four. But, you obviously have me beat with your twins on the way! =)

    you pictures are great! Are you a photographer?

  52. I just found your blog today, and I found it at the WW HQ; I'm so glad I found it. I love the way you write, and reading about kids. We are currently TTC, and can't wait to have a rugrat of our own! Thanks for passing by my blog.

  53. wordless wednesday brought me here from bottles barbies and boys and I'll be back - you inspire me, and I think there is nothing better than boys!

  54. I found you through Heth's blog (From Under the Laundry Pile).
    It was several months ago that I started reading. I like your sense of humor.
    My tribe and I live in North GA and I am addicted to blogging.
    I have asked myself the same questions about where people come from. I have a map that shows visitors from many different countries and that just blows me away.

  55. I have absolutely no idea how I originally found you, but I totally enjoy reading your blog and learning from your life...especially the healthy lifestyle. My children are a bit older than yours, so all I can do is remember when...I do have you on my links.

    Now, responding to your 19 weeks post...I actually like the "headless" shots...it makes the focus the belly instead of the face and I think it's kind of neat...not that all pictures should be headless, but a few is a nice touch. And congrats on reaching the half-way mark!!

  56. I saw your comment on Alicias blog (who just had Pearl) and I am a friend of Miss who I just saw has commented about three above me!!!

    I have four children too, three boys and a girl and am trying very hard to have more!!!

    Good luck with your pregnancy, I hope you stay healthy and appy. I'm going to read more of your blog when I get a chance :):)

  57. I remember reading a blog (can't remember for the life of me whose it was now....but I know that I was 'jumping' that day; it wasn't someone familiar to me) about a mommy wanting to set up 'mommies of girls' blogs. "Email me if you want to be included on my list of Girl Mommy Bloggers!" or something like that, it said.

    I remember being jealous...and thinking, "You know, there should be something like that for mommies of boys."

    Then, in the very next paragraph, that sweet mommy linked YOU as a mommy blogger of 4 sons, and said I would find more Boy Mommy Bloggers here...

    I clicked, found you, and have visited almost everyday since. :-) Having three boys four and under, and understanding many of the same things you talk about gave me that instant connection. I've been hooked ever since, and of course you know I've linked you on mine! :-)


  58. I stumbled upon your blog about 1 month ago when reading the comments on the bakers dozen blog. I noticed that you had a lot of the same interests (Jesus, non-vaccine, breastfeeding, health foods, etc) and was intrigued. I just loving seeing (I guess I should say reading about)a mom enjoy the role God intended for her, it is getting so rare today!

  59. I found you through the stats and referers on my blog. By the way, I am jealous (in a good way) of you expecting twins :)


  60. Found you when we were both doing Mommy Talk back in '06!

    Love reading about another young Mom with more than the "norm" amount of kids! : )

  61. I found your blog through another one in the comments. I am always looking for mommy blogs, especially mothers of boys.

  62. I am back...I commented yesterday, but I see you commented on Alicia O's blog...she is one of my BEST friends...I actually just photographed the birth of Pearl this week! Do you KNOW Alicia?? I man in real life?

    (if you want to see her birth photos go to www.momentsintimephotoandvideo.blogspot.com)

  63. I found you because you commented on my blog, I clicked here and saw all those adorable boys (and you're so adorable too!) and was hooked. I only comment sometimes because I'm usually holding the baby. I do read you through bloglines regularly!!

  64. I found you through mck mama's blog. You already have me linked and I have you linked as well. :)Your children are precious and your views on life and child rearing are uplifting. I usually check your blog once a day, but work has been crazy, so I apologize for just now commenting. But please come and visit my blog again anytime!

  65. I found you from my other boy mom blogging friends, perhaps 4funboys. I have linked you to my boy blogging list, hoping you will do the same, hint, hint.

    I am dying to know if those little bumps are boys or girls. Can I go with you today and peek at the ultrasound? I promise not to tell you. I am really good at reading those things. When we had our 3rd (and final) boy, I found the evidence as soon as the tech started the exam.

  66. I found your blog from a comment you left on Drea's. Your boys are sooo precious.. can't wait to see ultrasounds of the twins!

  67. Greetings from Alaska~

    I stumbled upon your blog just today (clicked a link from http://yestheyareallmine.wordpress.com/) and I'm so glad I discovered you. :)

    I'm a fellow Believer, which always makes me grin- (I think, hey, we'll be spending Eternity together, Sista!) I'm a stay-at-home Mom, in total love with my Hubby. I homeschool our four children, ages 13 to 4. We have another blessing due to arrive in October. Just one. :) I suspected twins, but an ultrasound confirms a single babe in there. He or she has been kicking a lot lately. We also don't find out the sex ahead of time. Why ruin such an awesome surprise!??!

    I love your photography (my favorite hobby!!!), your zest for life, your obvious gratefulness to our Heavenly Father for His many blessings, and your sense of humor.

    Super glad I stumbled upon your site. I'll be back.

    In Him,
    ~Leah in Alaska~

  68. I'm still here, just really, really far behind on reading blogs.

  69. I stumbled upon your blog while exploring blogworld. I really like it. So much so that I am now linking you to my blog. By the way, are your twins also boys? I haven't been able to catch up yet in your blog. It's been a pleasure reading so far though.

  70. Hi Britanny,
    I dont remember how I found you. I am Turkish and my blog is in Turkish and it is not updated recently. you will only see my little siamese cat.
    I loved your blog, I am tracking you everyday and I read all your previous posts. Although I am not form states, I totally have same opinions about organic foods, GMO and all the junk food that I even do not want to see around. I am married but no kids yet. Hope someday :) you encourage me with those amazing lovely boys.
    I love cooking and I even make our own ice cream at home, with the help of amazing book called "The Perfect Scoop". Beyond that, If you want to try some healthy turkish food, I can help you with pleasure.
    I wasn't planning to write a comment to you hence I am living totally different life from you but you were so sincere and kind, and I just want to say hello. This blog thing is universal and you have a reader from far far far away :)


Thank you for blessing me with your words!