baby boy love

10 days old
deeply loved

occasional thumb sucker
swoon worthy lips

sleeps with us
wakes twice a night to eat

only heard you cry twice
starting to smile

nursing perfectly from the start
beautiful silky brown hair

8 days old and went on your first trip to the city
nursed in the sling at Target

wearing small fuzzibunz
hasn't spit up more than a drop

Vance holds you the most out of your 4 big brothers
9 lbs on our home scale

easiest recovery for mama
milk came in at 30 hours old

have yet to have your first bath
perfect smooth skin

umbilical cord fell off at 7 days
spend most of your days in my arms, in the sling or in your siblings arms

first 5th in the family
still nameless but hopefully the last day

oh so loved
in every way


  1. He is amazingly perfect.. Such a beautiful family. Makes me giggle that he still is nameless. I know his name will be perfect. Coming from a big family, I remember the joy and excitement when another baby was born. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Congratulations! I love the photos and how loved he already is!!! You are an incredible name-picker! I can't wait for the reveal :)

  3. Since you don't have a name, maybe you should have considered that before having more children.

    1. Hehe this comment actually made me chuckle :) congratulations on little boy number five!! I'm guessing finding a name that all 8 of you agree on is quite a task :)

  4. I keep coming back to see if the little one has a name!!! And those little lips, swoon! What a joy!

  5. Anonymous, what a ridiculous comment. It's not like they used up all the names in the world! They are waiting for the perfect one!


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