yes, I know it was about time
and no, it's never take us this long to name our babe before
thank you for your patience
...most of you {grin}


  1. Congrats!
    So when are you going to update your blog's name?
    Maybe... 5 little men and girly twins?

  2. He's beautiful! Love the name and love the blog. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your life. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh so perfect. Congratulations! Ian Mitchell is a beautiful name.

  4. Congratulations! He has a little playmate here in n j if ur ever in the area...our little tessa (baby #3 ) is 9 days old today. Hope ur feeling well (im a basket of crazy hormones) and that you've been able to relax and soak in his cuteness. ..he's beautiful. God bless

  5. I love all of your kids' names and actually named my son Grayson after reading your blog (I couldn't find anything I liked and happened upon your blog three years ago). Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  6. Love it! Welcome to the world Ian !

  7. Congrats!!!!Beautiful name !!!!! When having our first son we had a list of 3 boy names that we really liked. So it was really easy naming our 3 boys, we just went down the list:). Now with our girl it was a bit harder , but we still managed to have a name by the 20 week u/s picture introduction on FB:) Merry Christmas !!!! Lena Cook

  8. Wow, this is awesome! Since I was 10 (I'm 22 now) I've always wanted my first born son to be Kian Mitchell! (Pronounced like Ian with a K)
    Your Ian is a sweet little man and his cheeks are so so cute. :)


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