words of the week

just a little of what I've heard from the kids this week...

He's a boy and he's ours!

Mama, your belly isn't flat... maybe there is another baby in there!!!

Oh, I love him soooo much mama.

He's the cutest baby boy ever.

God made him so-so-so perfect.

I like him more than you mama.

Let's call him sweet baby boy forever.

Mama, where is your belly?
pointing to baby Oh there it his. giggle 

He smells like sweet candy.

He's milking you.

Can I hold him, can I hold him, can I hold him...

I love him more than anything ever.

He is heavier than I expected.

He's our baby boy forever and ever and ever.

God gave us the best gift ever!

Can we play house with him?

I'm so in love with him mama.

He's so cute, I can't believe it!

Babies are such a special surprise.

oh his hands are so tiny, I love them.

Can we have another one?

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  1. So precious! I am so happy for you guys!



Thank you for blessing me with your words!