:: Raw Kale Salad ::

My garden needs weeded desperately
...but it's 100 degrees today
and there is no way this pregnant lady is going to weed the garden,
or do anything outside today.
At least I can still find the kale. {grin}

I was hot even in the house,
so I decided to clean out the freezer....
which was easy because it's mostly empty.
All I have left from last years harvest is
swiss chard, green beans & beets.

I did find some more zucchini,
which has me thrilled because I have been craving zucchini muffins
...but I won't buy them from the store when they are so close to ready in the garden.
Not to mention the closest organic zucchinis are probably 7 hours away.

I also found the raw truffles that we made this week
and I stuck in the back of the freezer to hide. Ha!
Treats like this are what weans me from my sugar addiction.
Which I am giving up again.
I was sugar free for 5 months and then I slipped. sigh.
Little by little I let sugar slip in,
and once you start it's so hard to stop.
At least for me.

Now onto the Raw Kale Salad....

::Raw Kale Salad::

large handful of fresh kale
handful of toasted walnuts

::Cashew sauce::
1/2 C cashews
3 T sunflower seeds
1 C water
3 T coconut oil
3-4 cloves garlic
1 t real salt
2 T lemon juice
3 T nutritional yeast {optional}

...wash and cut the kale into a bowl
...toast walnuts alone in a skillet until fragrant
...add all of the sauce ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth
...toss together and enjoy!

since we have an abundance of kale in the garden,
I have been trying to come up with more ways to use kale.
And then I remembered my best friend telling me about the kale chips she made last year.
I had already put them on my "to make" list,
but since I didn't have kale in the garden last year I never got around to it
...until I remembered yesterday.
oh yum! I'll share very soon...
we ate them all so fast I didn't even have a chance to think about taking a picture.

Happy Sunday Friends!

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