...on the side of the road

You know those little moments,
that come and go so swiftly
...but you know you never want to forget.

This was one of those moments,
that i'm blogging so i'll never forget.

We had made a quick stop on the side of a country road
...somewhere in northern Minnesota.

Dad had to get something from the camper.
I thought all 3 of the littles were asleep,
when I heard Eliza perk up and say...
"Mom, I need to unbuckle. I see a little yellow flower that I have to get for you. please!"
I hopped out and opened the back door to let her out...
she ran over to the flower, plucked it from the ground and brought it right back over to me.
"It's for you mama, it's beautiful and it smells like sunshine"

I love how you find little bits of beauty everywhere we go,
I pray you never loose that vision
because there is indeed beauty everywhere you will go.
But if your eyes and heart aren't trained to find the beauty in all that is ordinary
...life can become dull.
Keep looking for beauty my dear,
even on the side of the road.

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  1. Soooo sweet Brittany! Julia is always picking me flowers no matter how small. I always make a big deal out of her flower gifts even if it's a spindly stubby little thing. We have big patches of Bird's Foot Treefoil like that around here. They make really pretty flower crowns. Hope your travels are going well! You know you are always welcome in Bear Country!


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