{19 1/2 week baby belly}

:: 19 1/2 week baby belly ::
measuring 21cm
36.5in around
19 lbs. heavier
{I've gained 45-65lbs. with my other pregnancies}

we had our one and only ultrasound
our little babe was perfect...
squirming around and doing flips the entire time.
babe even flashed us a peace sign
and we caught a little thumb sucking.
baby measured 12 oz.
and it's little foot was 3 1/2 cm
head to rump was 6 inches
I am so in love.

and unfortunately {to Eliza & Nolia} we didn't see any girl or boy pj's
they did however say it looked like a boy
...to which no one else agreed it looked like a boy or girl
just a perfect little babe.


  1. Oh my word, you look so cute!! I was pregnant from my chin to my knees when I was carrying my son! :-) Can you tell me a little more about your pre-natal vitaime regimen?

  2. Congrats!!!! So excited here in Az! I can't wait so see those pjs in a few months :)



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