True or False

We just got home, a few days ago, from a 5 day 900 mile trip.

Today is our one and only ultrasound. We are all going.

Eliza wants to see if the baby has girl or boy pajamas on.

We are not finding out the gender.

I fell off my no-sugar diet.

I am completely caught up on laundry.

I accidentally washed Ozzie's caterpillar in the washing machine.

I use apple cider vinegar as deodorant.

The boys were gone for 8 days at camp.

Grandpa & Grandma are moving to town.

I'm thinking about shutting down my facebook.

Ozzie and the girls caught 33 frogs in the farm yard yesterday.

Paul and I photographed a tribal adoption this past weekend.

We have 9 kittens now and we are keeping them all.

The girls sing "I love you" songs to the kittens... daily.

We ate at Burger King over the weekend & ended up throwing half the food away. yuck.

We were questioned by Border Patrol if our children were indeed all our children.

Dad was so excited to get his big boys back he arrived to pick them up 2 hours early and they were just waking up.

All 3 of the big boys have decided they want to be baptized.

I have never been baptized.

Half of my family doesn't like potatoes.

I am addicted to raw kale salad right now.

Ozzie says he is going to be a race car driver when he is "old enough"

All 3 of the boys commented that my belly was bigger when they came back from camp.

The girls think washing dishes is fun.

Ozzie left his collection of die cast tractors at the campground and we went back to get them.

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with a baby update and belly pictures.

Everything is I wrote is True.

See you soon friends!


  1. :-) Enjoy your ultrasound! Hope I can see the pjs in the pic! ;)

  2. Can't wait for the next post!

  3. Are Grandpa and Grandma selling any part of the farm when they move or will your life go on as is, but without them living next door? Inquiring minds want to know -- why have you never been baptized?


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