{boondocking} in the middle of nowhere

you know how I said we were .boondocking.
I wasn't using the term lightly
...we weren't parking in our driveway.

We're really really out in the .middle.of.nowhere.
about 2 miles from the farm as the bird flies
8 miles by gravel road
and .9 miles from the road into the middle of a field.

as much as I love being connected...
to power, water, internet, ect.
I think I love being disconnected even more

the peace.
undisturbed beauty.
darkness of night.
rustle of the wild grass in the wind.

it rained and poured .hard. one night
everyone except me slept through it
...the wind was so fierce I .thought. we might blow over.
.but we didn't.

we ventured out the day after the rain
...we flung mud and muddy water all over the van.
There was giggling and hollering as we bumped along flinging mud.
.fun times.

Living .in.and.out. of the camper since January
...has taught me a lot.
less {really} is more.

We become so desensitized to how truly easy our lives are...
Running water.
hot water.
air conditioning.
...pondering how that has changed my views on life...

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