What's in my bag

I don't usually do this like this...
they can make me feel a bit narcissistic.
However I emptied my bag on my bed when we arrived home from the hospital and I thought it was neat how each little piece told a story.
I was reminded how I like to see and read things like this...
so I decided to share.

Now on with it!

{my bag} is a purse I found a thrift store 4-5 years ago. I have used it without changing for the last 3ish years.

{the handkerchief} was my grandmothers, it's my favorite

{the lip balm} it's berts bees acai, the girls took the label off, they do it to all of our lip balms.

{the rings} were gifts to the girls from their brothers while they were in the hospital. They gave me one too.

{the penny} was given to Eliza by Ozzie in the hospital. She asked me to hold onto it.

{the knife} this is my prized knife, all farm wives and mothers of many children should have one. :)

{floss} can't say much about that one!

{the red satchel} it's supposed to hold my lip balm, floss, hair ties, ect.

{the scarf} I was wearing it in the hospital but it was warm and humid when we walked out so I took it off.

{my clutch} oh how I love this clutch. It's my everything wallet, my little journal is in there too.

{thermometer} I had it at the hospital to see if it was really accurate, we had been having trouble with it. Turns out it's very accurate 75% of the time.... the other 25% I have no idea what it's doing!

{organic cayenne pepper} we stopped and bought it on the way home, I felt strep coming on and knew I needed something strong and quick. It along with raw apple cider vinegar worked!

{blue & green pashmina} this is my favorite pashmina and I am currently using it to wrap my camera in. I am however missing it so I might have to switch it out with another soon.

{pen & pencils} the green pen is my favorite, the pink pencil is the girls & the little one is from a Jr. Ranger exploration.

So there you have it...
fun, weird, interesting, narcissistic or not!


  1. Sarah-Anne Lyons3/1/12, 11:04 AM

    i think it's so neat!!

  2. Andrea Wood3/1/12, 11:14 AM

    love the bag and by wrapping your camera, you mean you wrap your d700 in a scarf? WHOA lol - you are brave ;-)

  3. Where did you get your clutch? Very pretty.

  4. we have that same thermometer and are always wondering how accurate it is.  good to know! :)  

  5. you know what i noticed most? the bedspread. LOVE it!

  6. Love the blog. Hope to meet up on the road sometime.


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