the first thing

everyone wants to do

when our new campsite

is all set up

is go for a bike ride

and now that I have a bike
we can all go along!


  1. LOVE that 2nd picture!!!

  2. I hope or wants: ) , i will have four children in the future: )

    Now, i have two children...

  3. Kaylacoupon233/10/12, 12:45 PM

    I love the family biking. I know it is a parent choice, but the picture would be even better if there were helmets on all of the kids:) This is not said to get negative comments back to me, but just as a parent looking out for others. Please don't take the comment negatively:)

  4. Melanie Van Wynsberg3/10/12, 10:39 PM

    So fun! seems like you all are having a blast. :)


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