Meet St. Augi

...our friendly campground lizard.

We shared a campsite with him for nearly a week.
He stayed in the tree, we stayed on the ground.

He would come and show us his catch of the day
and then scurry back up the tree.

I am finding myself to be quite a fan of the temporary pets...
especially ones that can feed and take care of themselves. :)

{camera numbers}
85mm prime 1/2000s f/2.2 iso250


  1. Karen Holcombe3/4/12, 11:56 AM

    When we lived near the  Kennedy Space Center our world was full of lizards. Our sons would catch and hold a lizard up to their earlobe. The lizard will latch on and dangle...just like an earring. Oh the things boys can and will do!

  2. Tomtory1233/5/12, 2:14 AM

    It looks lovely and I like this color very much. This is a smart method to protect them. Hollister can protect you well, fot they are indeed very good!


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