in the hospital

11 days ago we went somewhere we did not plan,
somewhere we thought we wouldn't see again for a long time.
We went to the hospital with a sick little girl.

We had been fighting off colds and coughs for a few weeks.
Remember all those friends and family we saw...
we picked up all the germs we could apparently
and it was just too much for the girls little immune systems.

18 hours after Nolia was admitted to the hospital with bacterial pneumonia,
her sister followed along and was admitted as well.
It was twice the iv's, twice the blood work, twice the x-rays, twice the vital checks, twice the hospital food, twice the crying and twice the healing.

The paramedics, doctors, nurses & everyone at the hospital were wonderful.
They let Paul and the boys camp out in the hospital parking lot while we were there.
Can you see them?

Within one dose of antibiotics they girls were feeling SO much better.
Their fever never came back, they never needed O2 and were only on fluids for one night for good measure.
We did however have to stay admitted until we received the girls blood cultures, which took nearly 72 hours.

Which left us with lots of time to play!

We colored and covered our cups in stickers.
We played candy land & stuffed animals.
We watch cartoons & videos.

The boys came to visit everyday
and had fun riding the bikes around the little town and down to the beach.
It wasn't great but it wasn't horrible.

Our hospital stay included quite a few special dates...
it was my birthday, followed by Vances 10th birthday & then mine and my husbands 15th anniversary.
We celebrated the best we could and praised God it was only as bad as it was.

It all felt so surreal, and even today it almost doesn't feel like it really happened.
But it did and we are so thankful to be feeling better and back to full health!

Thank you to all who prayed for our family and reached out with encouraging words.
So many of you have walked such a similar road and we are so blessed to share and connect through it.


  1. Wow 15 years! That is so great. It is so neat to see you making a bad situation into a fun one.  

  2. Sarah-Anne Lyons2/29/12, 5:08 PM

    SO glad they are healthy!

  3. Wow - 15 years!  How young were you when you got married? :)  We are celebrating our 15th this summer, hard to believe it has been that long. 
    Your girlies are so adorable - glad that they got better quickly and you made the most of what could have been a not so fun time.

  4. Congratulations, Happy Birthday to Vance and happy wellness to the girls.

  5. So glad the girls are feeling better!!!

  6. Happy, happy days to all of you! One of the joys of big families is lots to celebrate!  Praise God the girls are doing better. That must have been scary and hard. Glad you're back on the road.

  7. So good to see they are better and it wasn't too shocking an experience....i really worry about how i will cope if my twins ended up in hospital at the same time...i guess you just have to cope! I know they are hospital shots but i loved your pics!

  8. Melanie Van Wynsberg3/10/12, 10:41 PM

    Aw, poor girls! Glad they seem to be doing better! :)


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