numbers in my head

it's 12:04 AM

all 6 of my children are asleep

I can't settle into bed...
too many numbers in my head.

16 gun shots heard
2 pesky raccoons killed
20 days we've been here
20 nights I've stayed up too late
20 nights the children have gone to bed after 9pm
3 trips to the grocery store
2 trips to church
1 wedding attended
1 birthday party attended
3 potlucks attended
2 4th of July parties attended
44 loads of laundry
250 diapers washed
3 packages received in the mail
9 trucks Paul has serviced
4 times the grass has been mowed
2 times Grayson has mowed
45 minutes to town
1 time we've eaten out
1,000 dishes hand washed
50 gallons of water carried in pitchers from their house to ours
1 turtle found and kept
1 snake found and not kept
0 houses seen from the farm
10:30 pm the sun sets
5:00 am the sun rises
4 naps I've taken
6 allergy attacks I've had
15 nights we've had dessert after supper
100 times I've been asked if a boy can have soda pop
10 times we've said yes
3 times the boys have had soy
2 times we've had pizza
3 times I've made our favorite chili
2 times I've made our favorite chickpea curry
1 new favorite cereal found
40 baths given to dirty boys
3 times I've cleared my google reader because I'm so far behind on reading blogs
6 posts I have in draft half-way complete
10 happy people on the farm
4 times the boys have helped burn the trash
300 flies swatted
10 marvelous sunsets seen
1 very happy over fed dog
20+ farm cats untouched
4 storms seen in the distance but not felt
32 books read by boys
1/2 book read by mom
4 enthusiastic helpers
1 birthday celebrated
3 more birthdays we'll celebrate on the farm
1 best friend missed
22 air fresheners I've taken out of the house
4 new air fresheners I've been given since we've been here
25 times someone has had to wait on the bathroom
3 very hot days
17 just right temp days
6 very windy days
3 times I've seen a car drive by
2 times we've had guests over for dinner
0 times I've been in a tractor
30 times the boys have been in a tractor
3 times I've been in a semi
40 times I've been driven around on a gator by my sons
1 very tired mama
1 very tired dad
1 very happy family

maybe NOW I can go to bed! {grin}


  1. How do you keep count of all that??

  2. ....well of some of that at least :)

  3. Hee-Hee! Lots of the numbers I just store in my head and some I know daily numbers so I just multiplied. Some I sat here and counted on my fingers and others I estimated! :)


  4. I hope that writing it all down helps you get to sleep ! Not sure what's going to help me.

  5. At the moment just the mention of the word sleep and I'm a gonner!! Hope you did get some rest mamma of six from mamma of three admiring your skill to take care of 7 organicly with very little of lifes conveniences...go Britt GO!

  6. Wow! thats alot how often do you get to a real grocery store? do you need anything i can send you a care package with some organic choc if you need a pick me up?

  7. Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time!

  8. I want to give you a hug...

    I went to the Goodwill store for the first time since you left yesterday. It was kinda sad. I did find Ava some cute monkey pj's for this winter, though...

  9. What a fun trip your having. It must be a great experience and I'm loving seeing the pictures :)

  10. wow. i'm impressed. and i'm not gonna lie. . .i'd pretty much like that chickpea curry recipe. i'm sorta gaga over the lowly chickpea.
    sounds like y'all are having a blast!

  11. What an amazing adventure God has you on! You are very blessed!! :)

  12. sounds awesome and fun and crazy.

  13. What an adventure! I feel like we are living similar lives at the moment. And (minus the carpet) your farmhouse looks a lot like our Arizona house. A bit of a blast from the past!

  14. I love this!

    That's so great that the older boys are mowing & even driving you around! I bet they are just lovin' this time at the farm. : )

    Happy Weekend to you and your family!

  15. Sounds like you're having a great time. I've slowly been reading backwards at your posts and have one question: Since you guys love the fresh fruit/veggies (like myself), how come you don't grow your own garden to control the pesticides and save on $$? You could also sell the extra at a market.

  16. please dont keep the wild turtle as a pet, it's cruel and harms the natural ecosystem :( If you want a pet turtle go buy one that was born in captivity.


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