As Seen In...

the little-old FARM house

{the front room}

{the basement-laundry room}

{Paul, Brittany, Ozzie, Eliza & Nolia's room}

{the GIRLS have taken over the closet}

{Gavin's room & view down the hall into his room}

{view down the hall into the dining room... that houses a bed-laundry folding table that Paul and I occasionally sleep in}

{Grayson and Vance's room... and yes Papa THEY-Grayson did make their own bed}

{the bathroom}

{THE SHOWER... in the basement}

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  1. I totally get this must love every day of living there.

  2. What a beautiful home with lots of must LOVE being there!!

  3. How fun!
    it's like a 1950's movie

  4. Reminds me so much of my adopted Gparents farm. They did daycare for us when my parents needed mom would go sub at school and they took care of us on their farm. A step back in time...absolutely love it!! My parents have a shower in their basement too!! CRACK me up!

  5. Wow! More room than I was thinking... (And a playset!!) And we have our only shower in the basement too, lol! :)

  6. What a great house - I love it! It is like stepping back in time. What a marvelous adventure - Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. great pics - looks like such a cute house :)!

  8. That was a fun tour!

    A slide!

    Why are the shower pics in B&W & Sepia? ; )

  9. I think this is my first comment. I just recently discovered your blog. ;)

    What a great place! I can envision my family living quite comfortably there!

  10. Okay random question, but did you get those orange bins from Target?!

    I saw some when I was shopping there online, but it didn't list the dimensions, so I as wondering how big they were. If those are the ones from target, then those would be the perfect size for me!

  11. SO CUTE!!!

  12. great pictures. it is adorable!

  13. Wow cool to see the farm. Thanks for sharing all those photos :)

  14. As always love your pics! The home has a lot of character and looks like you guys (and girls, of course) are all having a wonderful time! So happy for you!

  15. Gosh it looks lovely and cosy there! I can see why you would want to stay!

  16. Um, will you bring me that chandelier when you come back?? hee-hee!

  17. Love the look to your home. It's real and authentic and used.

    (I haven't been around awhile, did you move?)

    I miss the farm my grandparents had, miss the quiet, so quiet the only noise you hear is a fly buzzing around, and then a long while later maybe a car on the road. I miss that.



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