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We moved on to another campground in Florida. It's much less appealing to the eyes but full of nearby activities. We are surrounded by retiries, at the last campground and this one. We are definitely the minority... which is what we're used to anyway. :)

I was boasting a few days ago about how I haven't discovered anything I wished we had brought from home yet....
and then today I discovered I really wish we would have brought a cooler, the stroller & my big laundry bag.

I thought we were all on the mend, but we're not.
I'm sure all of our camp neighbors can hear the coughing...
it's not pretty.
Nolia has been the hardest hit, with Eliza right behind...
I am on the verge of finding an urgent care to take her to. sigh.
If you wouldn't mind, we would appreciate your prayers.

Playing jenga on a slightly unsteady rv table adds a whole new dimension to the game
...but it's still fun.

We've decided that Florida is expensive. The fuel is expensive. The food is expensive. The campgrounds are expensive. The laundry mat is expensive. It sure is pretty though. :)

Everyone in the family has a bike, but me.
I have started searching craigslist for a bike and a trailer for the girls...
so we can go further and faster.
We went into a bike shop today. I found a beautiful creamy yellow beach cruiser... it was $989. Ouch.

My wonderful husband gave me fudge for Valentines Day.
I haven't decided if I'm sharing or not. Ha!

We have finally established our RV chore chart
...now we just need to follow through with it better. :)

I met a nice older woman at the campground laundry mat, I had started the conversation and one thing led to another... and then we discovered that she lived one street over from our old home. AND she was a teacher at the boys old school. What a small world it is.

Did I already mention that we only brought boots along?
Most of our shoes were ruined in the basement flood last year
...and little & big feet had grown.
I searched locally but ended up ordering them online and having them shipped to the campground.

Happy Valentines Day friends.


  1. My husband and our 16 year old daughter are getting ready to Roadtrip to Florida.....destination Orlando for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on the 25th.   :)  Sounds like Graceland is a must on the way there.....and the Lincoln Museum on the way home....and 5 days of visiting family in between.  Since we live close to Fargo, they have a looong drive ahead of them!   :)  Praying the Saab gets them there and back.  :)  I had that cough for a very long time.  Some cough syrup will help at night, but the chest crud will take some time to work out of your systems....viral bug going around.  Enjoy your trip....and get those kids some flip flops!   ;)

  2. Oh I wish I could have been more help to you for where to go and what not to do or buy or whatever the case may be.  I live in Florida..and yes it is expensive and some of it is pretty and some of it isn't.  If you're a pedestrian watch out...that's not pretty either...if you have questions you can email me..I'd be glad to try to help or answer questions.
    I can say there is a campground called Itchnatuknee...it has tubing and such..probably too chilly for that now..but I'd check it out         http://www.rvinginflorida.com/ichecanoe.htm  there's the link.  I've had friends say they like it.  This is Florida.  Please be careful of red ants, alligators, and snakes...just being real...

  3. Queen Mommy2/15/12, 9:55 AM

    If you're not already taking it, Elderberry is great for respiratory bugs.  Olive leaf extract (Barleans is my favorite, and they have it at the local health food store in town in ND, but any liquid one will work) is excellent for strengthening the immune system.  What I would recommend now is Hot Honey (2-4 cloves of raw garlic, 1-4 tbs honey--preferably raw--and 1/8 - 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper).  The honey and garlic have their antibiotic properties and the cayenne increases blood flow.  Honey is also supposed to be very soothing for a cough.  This is what we've been doing this winter, and so far, we haven't been terribly ill (knock on wood).  Lily has a bit of a bug now, but I've been slacking on the herbs too.  Feel better soon!!  Good luck finding a bike on CL.  I could have loaned you mine (and the Burley) on your way through the cities.  Next time....  :~)

  4. blueschoolmomma2/15/12, 1:16 PM

    Sorry our conversation got cut short!!! I"m dying to know who that was that you met that lived/lives here!

  5. Praying for your family, especially Nolia.

  6. 2 yrs ago our family vacation was renting an RV for 2 wks and traveling north ..with all 10 of us.   really was one of our top vacations ever!!  the camp grounds were very nice....and full of stuff for the kids to do.   we will definitely do this again!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Hope everyone is well now.

  7. Praying for your  baby girls to feel better soon.......vicks rub on the feet/back/chest always works for our kids(put warm socks/shirt  on afterwards) .Hope you can find a bike with a trailer......so much fun:)

  8. Jenniferarmbruster2/18/12, 2:41 PM

    YES!  Florida IS expensive.  We moved here last year from the midwest and as a family of 8 our expenses have doubled.  The beaches are nice and the weather is divine ;)


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