{this is the beginning of the post I tried to publish yesterday - 2 days ago}

...from rainy, stormy, humid & beautiful north Florida.
we are packing up camp site on the gulf coast shores right now
...so this is going to be a quick hello
and even quicker because we just heard there are tornado warnings! Yikes!

It's been an off-grid,
hospital staying
plans changing
beach going
bike riding
campfire cooking
bird watching
rain playing
amazing time.

I am honestly losing track of time...
what day is it anyway! Ha!

We've moved west out of Florida...
on to new adventures for us!
Yesterday was full of riding bikes through ruts and ravines, 
and today we're on to battleships and bombers. 

I have SO many photographs to share with you all...
so you might be flooded with photos for a bit.
I do hope to have some down time that I can write.
I have been scribbling in my journal though.

Texas friends interested in photography...
If you already filled out the contact form, you will receive an email from me.
We are stopping in or around Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas & Lubbock.
If anyone else is interested please fill out the "contact us" form.

I had many questions regarding money...
so I thought I would just tell everyone.

There is no set price, in my email reply I will share with you a suggested minimum & average
BUT if you can truly only afford half or anything less that is okay.
This trip is expensive, coming to you to do photography is expensive,
but this journey is worth so much more than money. {even though we all need it}
I only wish for a blessing for those of you we do get to visit....
and that will bless us I'm sure.
...sometimes it's hard to convey in words but I hope you understand my heart here.

I better jump off and head out the door for our day full of adventures,
I just had to use a few minutes while we had good internet.
Happy day my friends!


  1. Salt in Suburbia2/26/12, 11:45 AM

    What a lovely post. And I hope the remainder of your journey will be less complicated. Blessings to you.

  2. i love reading about your adventures.

  3. If you make it out to Oregon on this trip, you should hit up the Evergreen Aviation and Space museum in McMinnville; your boys would LOVE it. We found it by accident while driving from PDX to the coast and I'm so glad we did. They have the Spruce Goose, a V2 rocket, an SR-71, X-15, tons of other military aircraft (real ones, not models!), Gemini pods, a Talon,  plus all sorts of neat small airplanes like the Pitts Special and a Piper Cub. They also have a nice sized indoor waterpark that looked really cool. As we only had about 2 hours for the museum, we didn't go to the waterpark. Anyways, it's definitely worth a stop if your boys like airplanes. My husband's favorite airplane as a kid was the SR-71 so to be able to stand under one and touch it...that was just so cool for him. Plus, everyone should see the Spruce Goose just once in his or her life...however big you think that plane is...it's much, much bigger. :-)

  4. what a great shot! Love it!

  5. oh man! You will be in San Antonio and I have to head to Georgia for a funeral!!!!! 

  6. Boulanger Ab2/27/12, 11:31 PM

    I LOVE your heart.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!