we went to the beach

it was cool

{24mm 1600s f/2.8 iso320}

and breezy
{24mm 2500s f/2.8 iso320}

the waves were rolling

{70mm 4000s f/2.8 iso320}

the water was chilly

{56mm 3200s f/2.8 iso320}

seashells dotted the sand

{31mm 1000s f/2.8 iso320}

there was laughter

{24mm 8000s f/2.8 iso320}

and soaking it all in

{24mm 8000s f/2.8 iso320}
we imagined and created

{31mm 1250s f/2.8 iso640}

and made our mark
{24mm 1250s f/3.5 iso640}
and made memories

{70mm 1250s f/3.5 iso640}

we will remember

{26mm 1250s f/3.5 iso640} {self timer. set on the sand}

for a lifetime


  1. Brandi Elam2/13/12, 9:13 AM

    love the family photo... beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! And I LOVE the new header. Great pictures! I am excited for you guys with your adventure!

  3. blueschoolmomma2/13/12, 6:55 PM

    boo! I'm sorry it wasn't warm for you all! BUT...we've been to the ocean in the cool, too, and it's still awesome! I'm sure you'll catch some warm ocean time the farther south you go...

  4. Hi, i love big families. But we have one boy and one daughter.
    All pictures beatiful.

  5. that last picture is AMAZING! Love it!

  6. Maxsmomhere2/14/12, 6:25 PM

    Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time!

  7. Coming from North Dakota, you know this: bare toes in February is such a treat!  So glad you are enjoying your dreamed of adventure!  Can't wait to follow you on this journey!

  8. I absolutely love your new banner photo..of course I generally do.  As chilly as it's been off and on I"m sure coming from the land of extreme cold it didn't feel quite as bad to you.  You are a blessed family.
    I'll be praying for your journey of fun.

  9. Clanmckenna12/16/12, 10:11 PM

    These memories you will hold for a lifetime.  It looks like you are having so much fun. What a beautiful adventurous family, with a momma who captures it all on film!


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