Can you see all 8 of us?

sometimes I look and 8 doesn't seem like much...
and then other times its just enough.

and sometimes I'm reminded...
that there could have been 9.
right now.

but always I know this moment
this us
is perfect in Gods timing.


  1. I have a similar beach photo of my littles.  I love beach photos.....take a whole bunch of them and post them for us to enjoy!  :)

  2. brittanyclaire2/12/12, 11:41 AM

    hee-hee I just scheduled a whole bunch to post tomorrow. :)

  3. Thanks God for your family health , 
    but may be God wants you to be 8, and he give the 9th one, instead of your 2nd... because that was happened  in about near times . 
    Hope you and your nice family be healthy and happy :)

  4. sixcrazychildren2/13/12, 4:17 AM

    your eight is beautiful... just gorgeous. I was thinking as I looked at this photo that you are truly half a world away... if you are in Florida and I am on the east coast of Australia it's got to be half way round?? COOOOL.

    I know what you mean about remembering there could have been another. I found passing the 'due date' very hard......... :(

    Love you xx

  5. Maxsmomhere2/14/12, 6:26 PM

    I am happy for you for the beautiful children and husband you have. I am sorry for your loss as well. 


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