not us

we don't

like to have

lots of

bath color

wild splashing

loud giggling

bath tub fun

no, not us.


  1. Great photos!!  You must've been soaked after this photo session!!  : )  So adorable!!!!

    ~ Wendy

  2. Kimberly Wyatt11/15/11, 3:46 PM

    Lovely pictures! This looks like bath time with my toddlers. I can't wait until Number Three gets here and is old enough to join in! What bath coloring do you use?

  3. Such fun. No toys needed, just colorful water and splashing hands and feet.

  4. We LOVE tub tints!  My littles like to put one color in the tub, another in a squeeze bottle, them make MAGIC!  Have you tried adding glow sticks? 

  5. What is the source of the color? My son would love that!

  6. brittanyclaire11/16/11, 9:41 AM

    They are crayola color bath drops, you can find them near the bubble bath. They are mostly baking soda but also have some other ingredients I'm not too crazy about. I've thought about making my own or finding an alternative but haven't gotten around to it. :)

  7. great shots, so fun!


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