dear journal

We awoke to gorgeous falling snow, with no wind.
It wasn't the snow we're used to.
Once the sun came out the snow was gone.

The field work is officially done.
All that is left is preparing the farm for winter,
and hauling some gravel.

We had already winterized our RV.
So this weekends trip we had pink tinted water. ack.
My husband said it was non-toxic,
but I still tried not to use it.

Ozzie cried for Grandma & Grandpa last night.
It made me teary too.
And made me think how hard it's going to be on the kids
...when we really lose them.

We fed the wildcats outside on our patio, instead of next door.
5 of us huddled together to watch them out the bathroom window.
We only counted 5.

The girls are becoming quite enamored with babywearing again.
I love it. I've missed it.
Although there is no way I'm wearing them both,
like I used to.

...Eliza is holding onto her sister standing on the bed. LOVE...
I didn't take any pictures on our trip this weekend.
It was fast and furious and fun.

We went straight from our trip to a barn party,
hosted by some friends from church.
We all went on an old fashion horse draw wagon ride
...through the dark, quiet, middle of nowhere.
It was beautiful.

I tried a new kombucha drink.
It was weak.
I am determined to start making my own, soon!!

I read through my 2011 bucket list.
We've done a lot, but still have a lot to do.
I might have to move some over to the 2012 list.

We ran out of coconut oil.
Coconut oil is a staple around here.
I have a hard time functioning in the kitchen without it.
We have to drive 2 hours to the store to buy it.

I have tons of onions from the garden
...and now I'm dreaming of homemade onion rings.
Healthy real food style of course. {grin}

Gavin and dad played some baseball today
...on our road.
Which works well considering we have zero traffic.

Grandma dropped off a box of magazines before they left.
I looked through 4 of them last night.
I was slightly appalled, disgusted & discouraged.

Lucy is still nursing her babies
...although less and less every week.
It's been interested to watch her try to wean them.

I've sort of vanished from facebook and twitter.
Not sure how long it will last.
I just didn't feel it was a wise use of my time,
and it was so easy to step away from.

I've been contacted by a couple companies lately,
wanting me to do a giveaway on my blog.
I'm going to do it, you'll be happy I did. 

The girls asked to walk over to Grandma & Grandpas today,
just to check to see if they were really gone.
They came back declaring...
"they're gone, they're really gone, oh no!"

I tend to write these type of journal posts often.
They're important to me,
I never want to forget even the little things.
Not sure if the name dear journal will stick though.
I don't like monotony {grin}

It's time to start planning our winter RV trip.
I'm sooooo excited!
I'll be posting about it soon,
and you'll have a chance to help us decide where we go.


  1. I love these little entries. The daily life is so important to remember. You are such an encouragement to keep blogging for that very reason. I must have missed why the grandparents are gone. Do they head south for the winter? Our kids church grandparents are leaving for FL soon. We miss them the five months they are gone.

  2. Salt in Suburbia11/14/11, 9:57 PM

    Yes, I agree. These posts are touching, but also important for you and your family, especially someday when the little moments might have been forgotten. This is now one of the most important reasons I blog. Is it your Husband's grandparents that are gone? I can imagine how tough that is for the kids. I so loved living next to my grandparents as a kid!

  3. I just Love your blog. =)

  4. I enjoy these posts, too.   I like that they have a little more info than just a list and give a glimpse into your days.  Thanks for sharing :)

  5. i like these posts too! :) also,  i'm not sure if there is a super walmart closer to you than 2 hours... and i know you're not a fan of walmart... BUT! they do have organic coconut oil {for half the price}. i get a lot of our organic grocery items at super walmart... because i'm cheap like that. :)  

  6. brittanyclaire11/15/11, 11:09 AM

    Our walmart doesn't carry any organic, besides cereal. And our local grocery does have a natural foods section but no coconut oil. I could just order it online too. :)

  7. huh. crazy! our walmart has TONS of organic/natural and gluten free... 


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