my hardworking

sometimes barefoot

extremely handsome


and capable


and paws {grin}


  1. Love these - gotta love hard working men!

  2. brittanyclaire11/16/11, 3:17 PM

    Thanks ashley!


  3. They are so handsome! I'm going to say it...again. :) I love your perspective. You make me want to be a better photographer!

  4. blueschoolmomma11/18/11, 7:08 AM

    LOVE it! Miss those boys...

  5. Purposely at Home11/21/11, 7:43 AM

    fun! love the pics! i am now following your great blog and am lovin' it. :)

  6. James Valentine11/22/11, 6:56 PM

    There is something so wonderful about growing up in the country and on a farm.  I was born in New York just 25 miles north of NYC, but I grew up in Tennessee where my father was born and raised and finally moved back to.  Sometimes I miss the big city life, but mostly I love the simple life of growing up on a farm.  Working hard, playing hard and just getting to spend quality time with my dad.  Now that I have 3 boys and my beautiful little angel, my wife and i have decided we want to move further north in New York to get a little more of that small town, country feel.  We can't wait until everything falls into place!  I've been missing your blog but I'm finally back on the computer.  Your handsome boys and beautiful girls are so lucky to be able to experience life in such a wonderful and simple way.  Keep up the great job as parents and keep up your blog....Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family and friends!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!