by the numbers

6 kids
2 parents
5 hours of driving
1 big city
4 stores
1 post office
8 people who went into the grocery store
3 grocery carts full
2 restaurants
1 rest stop break
3 week twitter break broken
1 daughter wearing mis-matched shoes
12 books read on the trip
15 songs we sang
1 camera left at home
3 littles ones who napped in the van
1 lady at the check-out wide eyed
3 fair trade dark chocolate bars bought {for me}
1 child forgot a coat
8 people who didn't need their coat today
0 melt-downs {amazing}
1 lady over-heard whispering "wow"
4 ice-cream treats eaten
3 times the boys changed seats
1 drive through a small town to see the Christmas lights
7 animals that came to greet us in the yard
1 light we left on
0 meals I made today
1,000's of snow geese in the sky
4 loads of laundry I washed-dried-and-folded today
1 meal we snacked through
20{ish} pastures of cattle passed by
1 beautiful pink sunset
2 tired parents
6 not as tired children
1 fun day
6 day blogging break broken
1 day by the numbers


  1. Erin Branscom11/23/11, 2:10 AM

    I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I became a follower! :) Erin

  2. James Valentine11/23/11, 4:03 AM

    Sounds Like a great trip into town for the essentials!  Seems like everyone must have had a great day.  Curious how you only managed 4 ice treats with 6 kids  :)  I'm usually going with 6 ice cream treats for 4 kids  Ha Ha! and can you believe this weather...we have snow on Dec 30 (unheard of in New York for as long as i ever remember) and now no coats at the end of November!  Love you blog as always.  You and your beautiful family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

  3. I am one of six kids. We inevitably got asked what our religion was and whether we were all siblings (two are adopted). We also overheard ourselves being counted multiple times. This post brings back lots of fun memories.

  4. wishing you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving...gotta love shopping with three carts ;)

  5. Purposely at Home11/24/11, 7:37 PM

    love this. happy thanksgiving! :)


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