we wrote

we love Jesus
we eat every meal as a family
we believe our dreams can come true
we drink tea
we have fun
we whistle while we work
we farm as a family
we write in journals
we love to travel
we have a 4 mile driveway
we try not to buy new
we grow lots of our own food
we dance crazy
we play loud
we farm as a family
we forgive others
we have a dog
we make things out of recycling
we like to take pictures
we read a lot of books
we don't celebrate halloween
we have as many cats as children
we think boys can have long hair
we are all cooks in this family
we wear holes in our jeans
we are the dishwasher
we make our own tomato sauce
we soak all our beans, grains & nuts
we love music
we make messes
we clean the house together
we don't watch regular tv
we learn at home
we all share rooms
we are going to farm hemp one day
we don't own a microwave
we stay up late
we are never alone
we live in a tiny farmhouse
we use frozen garden vegetables for ice packs
we teach not to judge others
we miss family and friends
we go grocery shopping together
we find peace in our chaos
we drink kombucha
we live on a farm
we eat a lot of food
we shoot BB guns for fun
we run in the house
we watch for rainbows
we play on mountains of snow
we go on bike rides
we love campfires
we love others
we don't think our family is too big

we are under the weather today

we wrote this as a family


  1. I love this post. I just recently started following your blog and I learned a bunch about you and your family just from this post!

  2. brittanyclaire10/27/11, 7:01 PM

    I'm glad you're here and happy to hear you enjoyed this post...it was so much fun to make!

  3. Sara Erickson10/27/11, 7:01 PM

    What's wrong?  Are you sick?

  4. Love your blog! How do you make your own tomato sauce? Sounds yummy!

  5. Salt in Suburbia10/27/11, 7:02 PM

    Did you can tomato sauce from the garden this year? My mom used to do that every year. I have made stewed tomatoes together with her but not recently. We didn't have extras this year, but normally we make batches of sun-dried tomatoes (which are awesome!). Did you and your kids write this list together? Love it!

  6. I've been browsing the world of blogger today and ended up here.  I've really enjoyed visiting and especially love what you guys wrote today - enjoy the rest of your trip.  I look forward to hearing more, so hope you don't mind a new follower?

  7. Love this post.  It was very creative.  Hope your family feels better soon. 

  8. Great post!!! I love your family!!!

  9. Leslie Marin10/30/11, 6:01 PM

    Found your blog recently and love reading about your beautiful family.  I have twins, too, and it makes life so amazingly interesting!  Keep up the great work! 

  10. precious! what a great way for your kiddos to get involved in the blog instead of just being a part of it :)


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