living life

discovering passions

giving & receiving love

being uniquely you

trusting in God

finding wild joy

that's what we've been up to
...what about you?

camera numbers:
{20mm 1/6400s f/2.8 ISO:250}


  1. You must be having glorious weather or a picture from days ago. Love seeing barefoot children! If I am inside, I am barefooted myself. No, not all Southerners like to go without shoes. (and my dad was in the heel & sole business) I even swept my porch and steps without shoes today. Continued sunny days with bright smiling faces for you & yours.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. love the pics, beautiful!!!!!!!hmmmmm what we've been up to today......praised our God at church, held  sweet babies in the nursery, explored new greenway that opened up through our neighborhood, rode bikes and jumped on the trampoline with friends.....this is the day that the Lord has made!!!!!!!

  3. Well, that just made me smile.

  4. maydelinhcbb10/31/11, 8:01 PM

    wow is great be a kid!!! just enjoying the life

  5. precious!! Jesus was onto something when he said we needed childlike faith. ;)


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