Sunday Ramblings {and photos}

Our farm is a happening place this time of year...
the cowboys {my husbands father and a family friend} just left
they were here to help with harvest.
My Mother-in-law flew in for a few days
and brought cousin Brilyn to play with the girls.

While they were all here the hunters arrived
and then they left
and then another group arrived
and when they leave another group will arrive.
This group has 3 boys with them
...needless to say my boys are thrilled!

another Papa {my dad} arrived last night
and we started off our visit with a campfire until midnight
then we had to drive an hour home from our neighbors
but since we brought the RV
me and the littles slept on the drive home

I can't help but smile and mutter some kind of
ahhh, loooook, eeeek
every time I see the kittens
{I might have a problem}

I know it's hard, but don't let our sweet mud room carpet distract you
...look at the picture closely can you see something
...something unique about the kittens?

It's their tail{s} or lack there of
Two of them are manx cats...
just like their mama & feral father
they get their extreme fluffiness from their feral father as well

It's been a dry harvest season
which is good {mostly}
but it was time for rain
and it came the other night
the most beautiful, soft, peaceful and refreshing rain

despite it being dry for the last 6 weeks
we still have hundreds of roads underwater
including ours...
which is completely washed away now with no plans to rebuild

at least I don't have to worry...
about driving over this pass in the winter now.

I'm off to work in the garden.....
now that I've blogged to myself {grin}
anyone else ever feel like that?
I guess it is just a fancy family public diary after all.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. And a enlightening diary it is! Such great pictures. Thanks for sharing with the big world.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. brittanyclaire10/9/11, 1:42 PM

    You're so welcome! I'm glad you're here reading too. :)


  3. No worries....I am a new follower....and I am reading.  :)
    But yes....I do feel that way when I post on my own blog....if it weren't for a couple faithful commenting friends I probably wouldn't post as often.
    We lived 6 years in Grand Forks, 1 year in Fargo, 3 years in Minot and then 8 years in Rugby.....the first 10 years involved we are in MN.

  4. What is a family blog, but a fancy public diary?  That's what my blog is too, but you have a unique way of writing and beautiful pictures.  Nolia or Eliza (not sure) looks so grownup in the picture you posted today!

  5. I love coming here to read all about your family. even if we have very different lifestyles, i enjoy reading about our one thing in common...we each have six beautiful children. I love your outlook on life and if inspires me when i am having a rough day and my children are driving me crazy.

  6. Let me know when you are available again and I will plan a visit over there! ;)  My dad just lost his manx kitty who lived to be 19...I didn't know yours were manx!!  They are so unique!

  7. your photography gets better and better each post! love them.

    btw I have a manx cat.. well she was mine, til i got married. Her names Carla :)
    shes still doing great, shes with my mom.
    best cat ever.

  8. That fabulous carpeting is defiantly circa 1972 and oh so practical to have it in a mud room. I'm especially fond of carpeting in bathrooms;-).

  9. Yes..I always feel like I blog to myself...but how else would remember anything with 3 boys around!!! I love your fancy diary!!!

  10. brittanyclaire10/9/11, 8:09 PM

    Hee-hee! I agree...i would forget everything if I didn't take pictures and blog. :)

  11. brittanyclaire10/9/11, 8:10 PM

    Yes that would be about right...and yes we love our bathroom carpet. Ugggg!

  12. brittanyclaire10/9/11, 8:12 PM

    Thanks friend!

    We've heard manx are highly sought after for their disposition and hunting skills...ours are awesome! Best cats ever!

  13. I had a manx cat and the info I read about them says that 2 manx cats cannot produce kittens so maybe there is another kitty daddy than the one you think?

  14. I absolutely love the tractor tire picture!  My guess it's Nolia...but it's a beautiful picture! 

  15. brittanyclaire10/10/11, 11:45 AM

    That's really interesting... I hadn't heard that.
    We are 99% sure who their father is and he is one of our feral cats. He has a ½ tail which we were told is ½ manx so maybe that is why we were able to get 1 full manx, 1 ½ manx and 1 long tail from a full manx mother and ½ manx father?
    Wheeew... did you get that?! Ha!


  16. Me too!  I never comment but am always reading your blog and Joni here just said exactly how I feel.  I have five children, four boys and one girl right in the middle.  Your outlook inspires me as well and I love your style.  Thanks for being real and sharing Brittany!

  17. can't believe how cute your girls are!! so big! i have been 'following' since right before you had them!!


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