my house stays clean, only when we're not here
we have 2 fully functioning toilets, except when someone clogs them
we eat a hot breakfast every morning, except when I don't make it
I never say anything wrong, except when I misspeak
I am never late, except when we're running behind

my children are always clean when we leave the house, except when they're not
we finish all of our school work everyday, except when we skip a few things
I never feel like a failure, except when I fail
our trash can never over flows, except when it's too windy to burn
I am never stressed, except when I have too much to do
my marriage is perfect, except when I don't make it a priority
my children never act out in public, except when they are being unruly
there is no chaos in our house, except when we are home

my garden is always weeded, except when we don't do our garden chores
I don't miss all my old blog friends who used to comment, except I really do
I don't feel bad for not commenting on others blogs, except when I do
my kitchen is always clean, except on days we eat
I make our meals from scratch, except when we're too busy
I am a wonderful friend, except when don't put in the effort
my boys never complain about doing their school work, except when they do
my children's hair always looks trimmed, except when they need a hair cut
I make a complete meal 3 times a day, except when we just snack
I rise with the sun each morning, except I really don't
I hang our laundry out to dry, except I don't do it enough
my children do their chores without being asked, except when they easily forget
we don't waste anything from the garden, except when we have too much sometimes
my children are not loud, except when they raise their voices
I do not compare myself with others, except when occasionally I do
my children cloths always match, except when they don't
I finish projects quickly, except when I have other things to do
my children always go to bed on time, except when they stay up late
we don't watch TV, except when we watch a movie
my laundry is always done, except when we wear clothes
I always use reusable bags at the store, except when I forget them
my children obey the first time, except when they don't listen
the dishes are always clean, except when we use them

our lawn is always nicely mowed, except when we have young mowers who miss spots
my children never color on the walls, except when they do
I am not selfish, except when I put myself first

inspired by my original post


  1. This was great! I can sooo relate.

  2. I feel you on this post!  i loved how you did it.  I love reading your blog, but I hardly ever post. 

  3. Leslie Talley10/7/11, 4:08 PM

    A few of them made me laugh. I never comment but I think I might start! =)

  4. I love this....very real. I can totally relate to almost everything (I have six kids and multiples, also); but the one that hit me the most was about friends. I really struggle with making that a priority because we have SO much going on all the time. It makes me feel very selfish and that my friends may interpret it as "she thinks she's better than me." I pray they don't, but I still feel awful about it. Just made me feel better to see you acknowledge that and to know I'm not alone.

  5. this is why i love you, friend...you are so real!

  6. I'd like to paint the "there is no  chaos in our house, except when we are home" line on our walls somewhere...
    This was a great post!

  7. Oh, I love this! Have a great weekend! :)


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