I've been thinking

...about my husband & 2 boys who are on a 2,200 mile trip in a semi-truck
...thinking about how much I love having my kids and husband around me all the time.
...about how blessed we are to farm as a family
...thinking about how much I love learning together as a family

...thinking about our big winter RV trip
...about how I am going to share my passion for photography
...thinking about seeing this beautiful country with my family
...about how blessed we are to be living our long time dream

...thinking about what my blog is and what it isn't
...about what others take away from here
...thinking about sharing more and less
...about how blessed I am to have this creative outlet
...thinking about how much I appreciate each one of you

...thinking about the ebbs & flows of life
...about changes easy and hard
...thinking about dreams for me and my family
...about our priorities
...thinking about living with less things and more joy

I guess it's a thinking kind of day....


  1. Beautifully thought & said. I (sometimes) wish that I could have more of those kinds of days back when my girls were preteen aged. Now they are 32 & 36. When did that happen? Savour these days and write about them. Your children will certainly appreciate the words and pictures when they are much older.

  2. brittanyclaire10/16/11, 4:02 PM

    Thanks for the encouragement Beckie!


  3. Hilary Farris10/16/11, 6:29 PM

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.. I enjoy your writings, thoughts and photos.. Thanks again!

  4. Lori McKenna10/16/11, 6:47 PM

    I think I like your thinking.

  5. First time poster here. I've been checking out your blog for a while. Your life is lovely and I'm a bit jealous sometimes. I hope as I grow and have a family we can be just as close as yours. :) 

  6. Salt in Suburbia10/16/11, 9:02 PM

    Living with less things and more joy... A concept I think about a lot. I try to keep working towards it everyday.

  7. It's always good to have those kind of days.  Just want you to know I always enjoy my "stops to see you" at your blog.  You inspire me to be a more joyful, healthy, just-go-with-it mom and I appreciate that!  (And I'm sure my kids do too!)

  8. I have read your blog for a while now, but think it has been a while since I commented:(
    Just wanted to say that I love reading about your family. this is what I take away from it~Your pictures are just beautiful and I love the way you have been able to balance--not sure if that is the right word? your own personal beliefs with all the farming activities and practices. I find alot of times I am at odds with things that just don't have an "easy" answers. I believe in certain things, but I also see where others are coming from. For instance, my husband goes on a yearly hunting trip to an area that is ALL ABOUT agriculture. He has basically banned me from ever going with him for fear that I will ask the "wrong" question about Monsanto or GMO's or something:) Now, I know that the fact is that the only way (or so it seems) for large scale farmers to make a living these days is by being "tethered" to companies like that. And, just for the sake of what *I* believe, do I want them to loose everything they have? No, of course not!  
    We don't use pesticides, I would stroke if I ever even saw a container of Round Up on my place, but I can't just go tell others how "wrong" they are. I can sense from some of your post that you have had a hard time "coming to terms" with some of the stuff you have to deal with on the farm but you are graceful with it, you take an "okay, a few potatoe chips are not life and death" approach when it comes to Grandma or Grandpa giving the kids snacks:), and that all takes grace when someone, even a family member, is "going against your grain"! My Daddy used to do these kinds of things to my oldest and I did not handle it with the grace you do!
    Mostly, what I take away from this blog is the fact that you love your family dearly and are trying to be the best mother and wife that you can be!!!
    BTW, my husband IS a hunter (primitive hunting only) but I get the feeling he is not the kind of hunter you are having to deal with!  
    Anyway, didn't mean to get into all that, just wanted to say that I hope you keep sharing your beautiful family with us!         

  9. Are you coming South for the winter?  Louisiana is nice in the Winter, just FYI! ;-) 

  10. share what you like, just don't blog less.  (:

  11. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 3:59 PM

    We are! Not sure if Louisiana is on the route.... we're still up in the air as to where we are headed! I just put together a contact form for my blog so I can see who and where people are interested in seeing us or wanting a photography shoot. You can put Louisiana on the list. :) We'd love to see your precious family!

  12. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:02 PM

    Wow, thank you for blessing me with your words. I appreciate your understanding... and it makes me happy to know I've inspired you! That is one of the most wonderful things about blog-land is the encouragement and inspiration that can be found. :)

  13. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:03 PM

    hee-hee... loved your last line. :)

  14. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:03 PM

    it's a hard one isn't it! Glad I'm not alone. :)

  15. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:03 PM

    Well, thank you! I hope you have the family of your dreams too!

  16. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:04 PM

    You are SO welcome! Thanks for telling me... it always puts a smile on my face to see an uplifting comment in my inbox. :)

  17. Please don't stop sharing.  I love reading your blog!

  18. Your blog is an enjoyable read and the photos are easy on the eyes. I have been on 3 months bedrest recovering from what was to be a simple surgery that had many complications. I've enjoyed going back and reading what I've missed only having been a reader the last 2 years or so. Share what feels right, you can't go wrong following your gut.

  19. brittanyclaire10/19/11, 11:15 PM

    oh no, so sorry to hear! I hope you are on the mend now.... bedrest is hard, mentally and physically. Glad you've enjoyed reading while your down, but I hope you are up and going soon!

  20. Thanks Brittany, bedrest is hard, as you know. It's lost it's "charm" long ago!

  21. brittanyclaire10/20/11, 10:27 PM

    Yeah.... That charm doesn't last long does it! :)



Thank you for blessing me with your words!