he wrote his name

...on the newly painted wall
and the needed to be repainted chalkboard.

When I asked him if what he did was a good thing, he said...
"no it was bad, but I had to write my name somewhere and I couldn't walk into the school room to get paper"

24mm 1/80 f/2.8 iso320
he obviously had a lot of fun in 5 minutes
...with the dry erase marker

According to Ozzie, he was upset that he didn't write his name correctly
...so he decided to draw a "monster"

after he showed me his work and had the talk
...he helped me paint over his work.

He was excited to paint and disappointed he had to cover up his "monster"

24mm 1/100 f/2.8 iso320
Then we walked ourselves into the school room
...and got the paper and crayons.

...about those numbers above the photos...
I have many ways that I have been thinking about sharing my photography with you...
and one of those ways is sharing my camera settings for certain photographs.
I shoot entirely in manual and I am completely self taught
so I don't pretend to know anything by the book
but if you can learn a little from knowing what settings I use, here ya go!


  1. A teachable moment! There is just something about kids and wanting to practice writing their name! LOL. Years ago, a little boy neighbor used a rock to write-scratch his name into my sister's brand new car. When my sister confronted the mom & son, the mom said that it couldn't have been her son, because he wrote better than that! How many kids can write on a car with a rock as well as with a pencil and paper? 

  2. I think it's a great idea to share your settings! I usually shoot in AV but really should get out the manual to see how to change the settings on both ISO and f-stop at the same time. I know what settings to use - just not how to work the camera. sad isn't it after 4 years? I'm too lazy I guess.

    Loved the perspective of your shots too!

  3. I saw something on pinterest about using WD40 to get crayon off the wall (for future reference, hopefully you don't need it though). (:

    i love that you are sharing your camera settings!  i just bought a rebel xti off craigslist and i'm trying to decide which lenses i should get.  is it possible to include the lens you used when taking the photo (or should i be able to tell that by the info you provided?  ha!  i'm clearly still learning!)? 

  4. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:08 PM

    Thanks for the tip! This was dry erase marker unfortunately... I think it's harder to clean up than permanent marker, crazy!

    That's awesome about your camera and I'm glad to hear you can learn something from my camera settings. :) I only have 2 lenses an 85mm prime and a 14-24mm wide angle so if you know that you'll be able to tell which lens in all the pictures I post settings on.

    If you forget what lenses I use you can find where I answered that in the "you asked it" link on the top below my header.

    Hope that helps!

  5. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:09 PM

    It's easier to shoot in AV that's for sure... and when i'm in a big hurry to catch a shot I will use AV but I mostly shoot in M because I can't get the image I can see in my head onto the camera without tweeting the settings for my style. :)

    Always love to hear from you! I sure hope we can get together next time we're down your way.

  6. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 4:12 PM

    Ha! oh my... I remember a little girl who went out to her gravel driveway where her dads best friends had his new Porsche parked and she picked up a perfect rock to write her name right across the hood. It read B R I T T A N Y. gulp. I can't even imagine what when through my parents minds when they walked out and saw that. Ouch! Funny... I don't remember what kind of punishment I had for that one, I think I was still too young to remember. :)

  7. I LOVE the idea of you sharing the camera settings! 

  8. brittanyclaire10/17/11, 7:00 PM

    Good! I hope it can help others discover more about their own photography.


  9. Wow - if you are self taught, there might be a glimmer of hope for me.  Thanks for sharing.  You are such a good mamma.

  10. kerry goodwin10/17/11, 7:35 PM

    Showing the camera settings is great for helping people learn.  One thing for them to keep in mind is that the ISO setting you use won't perform nearly as well on a rebel...just in case they're wondering why they can't recreate with the same results :-)

  11. Your little Ozzie is about the cutest kid ever.  I think he's the same age as my Anna (5).  BTW, I love the white-painted floors!

  12. courtney.778210/17/11, 9:01 PM

    Great job on the teaching moment with O. I like the numbers. Nice touch. BTW can you please share how you get your photos so BIG? Thanks! :)

  13. Ha!  I feel so silly.  I totally remember reading dry erase now that you mention it, but the crayon pic had me thinking crayon on the wall.  I blame my pinterest obsession, just trying to make the time I spend on there useful.  :P

    Thanks for the lens info.  (:

  14. oh, i LOVE the numbers!! i recently started shooting in only Manual (and i'm self teaching myself, ha!) so this is really helpful!

  15. What is your favorite lens to shoot with?  I am looking for a good all around lens.  My favorite subjects are people, including lots of friends kiddos.  I have a 50mm already, but struggle when they move quickly!

  16. brittanyclaire10/22/11, 5:16 PM

    I only have 2 lenses, an 85mm f/1.4 prime and a 14-24mm f/2.8 wide angle.
    All of these pictures were taken with the 14-24mm. I love this lens and use it a lot... Especially for big groups and the "wanting too catch it all" shot. However I love my 85mm just as much, its beautiful for portraits and detail shots.
    Ahhh, so really I'm no help on the one favorite lens question! :)

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