the dresser

you guessed it
{or remember from reading twitter}

we painted the girls dresser

after I had a little fun

the boys helped me take off all the hardware

we all took turns sanding

then is was time for fun

hot pink fun

hot pink air brushing fun

so much fun, my husband didn't share {grin}

but then again, I was busy
keeping the kids from touching
and taking pictures
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  1. Wow! That will be so cute. Pink to the nth degree! Reminds me when my sister wanted her room painted sunshine yellow. Felt like we needed to wear sunglasses until we got use to it. Can't wait to see it in the room.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. Love the pink!

    Off Topic to this, but I keep meaning to share it with you. I found an awesome set of articles on vaccines I thought you'd appreciate. There's 4 total. It puts into words SO well all the things I've already known and thought from the gobs of research I've done over the year. It's just a great resource.

  3. So fun! I've never used an airbrush, but does it turn out with that nice smooth enamel look?

  4. Pretty color! Do we get to see a picture of the final product? :)


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