I'm running to the fields
running from the fields
running to bring food
running from one semi to another
running to pick up someone
running to drop someone off
running to the grain elevator
running to take pictures
running to make food
running to town for parts
running to bathe children

running to watch children
running to move trucks
running to town for food
running to find someone
running to meet someone
running to follow combines
running to keep up with the house
running to find time to tell you about running
running to finish laundry
running to help anywhere
running to finish harvest

I thank God I'm able to run
I thank God we have a harvest to run for
I thank God for his strength to keep us running
I thank God our running blesses our family
I thank God we have many willing hands to help us run
I thank God we won't always be running

I better go now...
I gotta run! {grin}


  1. So busy but I love how happy you are!

  2. You say running, I say schlepping! I'm always schlepping something or someone. Sometimes I compare myself to a pack mule or Sherpa!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!