I don't think

...having an easy life would be wonderful

...we are all that different as some believe

...watching the sunset will ever lose it's amazement

...breastfeeding makes you better than a mom who doesn't

...i'll ever not desire to have more children

I don't think

...you have to have a green thumb to plant a garden

...we should ever stop encouraging each other

...homeschooling is the best choice for every family

...you can ever find yourself when you're trying to be someone else

...my blog is that big

I don't think

...we should all have the same dreams

...I will ever stop learning

...six children feels like a large family

...living in a tiny house is all that bad

...there is anything impossible with God

I don't think

...mom's who feed their kids hot dogs and apple jacks love their kids less

...my children will ever cease to amaze me

...we should should judge each other

...perfection is possible

...I'll ever like flies and mosquitoes

I don't think

...our economy is recovering

...having less means living less

...silent gratitude does much of anything

...my life will ever be boring

...we can comprehend God's love for us


  1. I don't think this post could be any more cool, true or refreshing.

  2. Amanda Cooper6/24/11, 8:02 AM

    i don't either:)

  3. I so agree with the last one.

  4. Love the breastfeeding one! I completely agree.

  5. breastfeeding definitely DOES NOT make you a better mother! Some mothers simply can not BF b/c of medical conditions, lack of milk production (even w/ medication), CANCER, or they have adopted.  I agree it's a beautiful thing, but LOVING your child is really the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Ever. :)

    Great post!

  6. I think it's so true about the economy-it's scary really! 

  7. love this post- so true!  btw, have you sent out any email responses to your upcoming photography trip yet?  I have not heard back from you and would love to get the info to see if it will be a possibility for us to have you photograph our family.  We live in Ohio.

  8. brittanyclaire6/24/11, 12:37 PM

    I did send out responses...i had some email trouble that weekend but thought I hadn't lost any emails. Can you resend your email.

    Sorry for the trouble...

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  9. I don't think I like this post.  I LOVE it!  :~)  

  10. Shelly Thomson-Blevins6/24/11, 1:28 PM

    Wonderful post!

  11. I don't think...

    ...I will ever stop reading your blog (so keep it always!)

    ...people should judge EVER

    ...life is easy, but it is so very beautiful

    ...I will ever know how to be a great mother, but I TRY MY BEST everyday.

    ...I will ever understand why suffering exists, but I know that it has made me closer to    God. 

  12. I think my favorite three are: 

    1) "i'll ever not desire to have more children"
    2) "you can ever find yourself when you're trying to be someone else"
    3) "having less means living less"
    Your number 1 shows me you are willing to follow God's will.  Wise insights.

  13. brittanyclaire6/24/11, 4:25 PM

    Those are beautiful and true...thanks for sharing! :)


  14. Kimberly Wyatt6/24/11, 4:42 PM

    Love this! So many true statements... "I don't think I'll ever not desire to have more children." Perfectly simple, perfectly true.

  15. I just sent a second email- hope it works! :)

  16. I don't think.......I have ever known anyone with such a wise and beautiful perspective of life.

  17. i'm with nancy: you are so inspiring to me, britt!! i love you. :)

  18. sixcrazychildren6/26/11, 4:48 AM

    you write such beautiful things :):)

  19. sixcrazychildren6/26/11, 4:48 AM

    and I am 100% with you on that one about desiring more children...... *sigh

  20. beautiful post

  21. Julie Foreman6/27/11, 10:35 AM

    Great thought provoking post!  thanks for sharing. :)

  22. how did you know i fed my kids apple jacks for breakfast??? LOL!

    beautiful post..i love it :)

  23. Awesme post!! :)

    Hey Britt, I have always wanted to ask you this but always forget.... How would you wash your fruits, and/or vegetables that are not organic... I use vinegar, and natural soap (seventh generation).

    Thanks in advance!


  24. Thank you for your blog. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mom and person. Thank you for showing us that by following God's will, we will always be rewarded and we will always have adversity.

  25. I love this one, I don't think- i'll ever not desire to have more children"
    I have 5 kids and I want 5 more.  You words and wisdom are thought provoking and inspiring.  Thanks

  26. brittanyclaire7/5/11, 10:37 PM

    Its quite a desire isn't it!



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