did I tell you

...it finally warmed up here and we discovered are air conditioning isn't working very well.
{but the air works awesome in the RV}

...my computer crashed.
{but my husband saved everything and is rebuilding it}

...we went to the city with only 4 kids.
{and didn't get home until 1am}

...my garden is growing beautifully.
{even though I lost some seeds and plants to the heavy rain}

...it is flooding all over North Dakota
{but we are safe thankfully}

...I am getting ready to launch a new website
{and I am thrilled!}

...we are packing and loading up the RV
{we might be on the road by the 4th of July!}

...we'll be doing school on the road
{and the kids are happy about it}

...if you follow me on twitter
{you probably already heard most of this}

...I have a lot of work to do
{so I better get off the computer now}

happy Thursday friends!

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  1. Shelly Thomson-Blevins6/30/11, 9:16 PM

    Happy Thursday to you!


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