rockin' Ozzie

rockin' the rain boots
rockin' the plaid shorts
rockin' the trike
rockin' that adorable grin
oh yeah, he's totally a rockin' Ozzie
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  1. Kimberly Wyatt6/22/11, 5:31 PM

    Goodness he is cute! Love that smile!

  2. Sara Ashley6/22/11, 7:14 PM

    Ozzie looks so grown up in this picture! I'm sad that you won't be passing thru
    Mississippi on your road trip. I want to learn so much from you. Your photography, cooking and natural living. Anyway best wishes on preparing for the trip!

  3. brittanyclaire6/22/11, 7:30 PM

    Oh I know...where did my little z go?

    I would love to meet up when we head that way...this winter. ;)


  4. Canadian Cathy6/22/11, 9:51 PM

    He looks so old here, I would not have "recognized" him!

  5. Sara Ashley6/23/11, 9:38 AM

    Awesome! I'm trying to combat several autoimmune disorders, one being Lupus. I think changing my diet to organic, healthy foods will only increase my chances of being healthy. :)) be prepared for a warm winter. Some Christmas' we wear shorts and flip-flops!

  6. Man, he is looking older and like his brothers! His hair was thin when he was younger and I didn't think he looked as much like the other boys- but now, does he ever! This photos gives me hope that one day my daughter will also have more hair! :) She turned 2 in April and her hair is still thin and sparse- especially compared to my son at the same age. 

    You guys sure make cute kiddos! :)

  7. brittanyclaire6/23/11, 11:55 AM

    Thank you...i think so too. :)

    All four of the boys had hardly any hair until around 2 yrs old...and then their hair started to grow but was still thin until 3yrs or so. Now all the boys have thick hair. The girls were different because they had hair early but it is still thin...i wonder what the curls will do when it gets thicker.


  8. Aww... Look at Ozzie growing up. :)

  9. Do you know why I get signed in as K.C.S. when I post on your blog instead of by my blogger ID? ~Lakeisha

  10. brittanyclaire6/26/11, 4:11 PM

    I am not sure...but would guess it has something to do with how you are signed into disqus



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