What's colorful, warm, handmade, up-cycled

...and totally gorgeous?!!!
These spectacular
up-cycled coats
not only does she make these spectacular coats for girls & boys, she makes gorgeous skirts and dresses too!
Hop on over to Sweet & Blue and see what you fall in love with...
mention "4 Little Men and Girly Twins" she'll give you 25% off your order.
Offer ends May 30th.
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  1. Really beautiful - looks like they should be in a magazine!

  2. how cute!!! what a talent she has!

    btw, I just posted a hairbow giveaway on our blog if you're interested :)

  3. I read a post you wrote about adding foods to your child's diet according to thier teeth. I can't remember if it was a recent post or if I was reading your archives. Could you tell me approx when you posted it so I can find it (there is no search option on your blog that I can find). I am about to get a 15 month old foster child and as far as I can tell he eats a lot of fruit and bread with cheese wiz (cringe).

  4. No bother...I found it by googling 'little men girly twins teeth' :)

  5. Cute--just hoping you didn't take that photo on May 3 because that would be the longest winter ever!

  6. Those are such stunning coats!! I wish I had a lil girl because I would totally buy her one of those. This would of been a great feature on SHI :(

  7. This is possibly the cutest thing I've EVER seen!! Love the ones for boys and teens as well :)


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