good intentions

My life is full of good intentions....
make our own bread
pray with each child individually everyday
get up earlier
encourage the kids to drink more water
spend more time alone with God in the morning
teach sabbath school at church
take the kids to the YMCA more often
Start a garden journal
take the time to teach more life learning
do community service projects with my family
more consistency on having the kids write letters to family
continue to reduce material things in our home
share more of God on my blog
raise money for a clean water well in Africa

How's that for a list? And that is just a fraction of the good intentions that I have on my mind all the time. Would you believe it if I told you some of my good intentions are years old... that's right years old! sigh. On my mind, on my heart & on paper... carrying them around like a yoke of duty. Telling myself it's my poor follow through, laziness, procrastination, inability & lack of willpower. Nothing quite like a good beat down to get you motivated.

but maybe, just maybe...
I'm not lazy, just tired.
It's not procrastination, I do a lot already.
I am able, but it's not the right time.
I don't lack willpower, just passion for certain things.

I don't have the answers, and I'm still not sure how or when I'm going to get all these good intentions done. {grin} but I can say that it's time to let go of what I'm not doing and put all my heart into what I am doing. And in time, with passion & God grace I am sure my good intentions will make their way out of my mind and into reality.

now I better go teach the kids math and science while making bread before we run out the door to the YMCA and post office to drop off those letters to family. {grin}


  1. I think you're doing a great job from what little I can see-and it has nothing to do with have six adorable blessings :)

  2. I'm right there with you sister! Where does the list end, and when do we stop agonizing over it all the time? I find that it never ends and that it's just our job as moms and goodhearted people! I wanted to tell you that you're doing superbly as a mom and a human being on this wonderful planet! Keep it up, this place needs more people like you!

  3. 2noysandmygirl5/2/11, 9:28 AM

    You are ready doing so many awesome and amazing things!

    I envy you and all you do - but only in a really good way :)

  4. Thank you for reminding us to "be present" in the things we ARE doing... and don't get distracted by the things we aren't. thank you

  5. Love this and I can so relate.

  6. Hi, what a beautiful reminder of how busy we mums are. Not wanting to add to your huge daily list, but there's a little shop waiting for some photos you promised about 5 months ago

  7. Salt in Suburbia5/2/11, 11:04 PM

    I can relate so much to this post. But I just want to say that, after following your blog for awhile now, I can see how many amazing things you already do. Thanks for being real in this post, but thanks also for being an ongoing inspiration with your blog.

  8. sixcrazychildren5/2/11, 11:17 PM

    This is what I wrote on facebook as a comment about your post.....

    it's a long, slow, lesson {for me} that I cannot consider my day a failure for all I did not get done. I do so much my body aches at each days end, my mind is full of trivial tasks {just so they do not get forgotten} and my heart is grateful... that's enough. I am happy, my family is happy and I do what I can with kindness towards others. That's enough.... it's a long slow lesson and I fear I am a slow learner. Thanks for making me think about it and try to make sense of my own mind. :):)

    us mothers to many really gotta just breathe sometimes...... XX

  9. We can help you help Uganda, Africa . . . my two oldest (ten year old twin girls Ella and Liliana) are teaching their younger siblings life lessons about determination, generosity, faith, selflessness, and hope by hosting a virtual bake sale to raise money for Amazima Ministries in Uganda. After being told that they could not host a bakesale by both our {Catholic} school and church they moved foward in their mission to help and launched Cupcakes for Kiddos ( on April 19. One cupcake is $2 and can provide 13 meals for a child!

  10. brittanyclaire5/3/11, 12:59 AM

    Why is this post missing comments, they are on my dashboard but won't publish. Hmmmm

  11. Do you read Katie's blog Kisses From Katie?
    She is amazing and sponsored by Amazima.

  12. There is a time for every purpose under heaven. I remember when I had 5 small children at home and was complaining to a friend that I hadn't been able to actually sit through a mass at church and hear it because I was always standing, rocking a baby in the back, or taking someone outside or potty or... My friend shared some advise her grandma gave her once. She said that her grandma told her that her time would come to sit in her pew and hear and be part of the mass. Right now it was her time to run ragged raising her beautiful family. The time would go quickly and each moment would be special and be the right time. I never forgot that and I lived each moment as it came grateful as I looked over at my beautiful children, or ran around as you are now, caring and giving your life and love to see them grown. Now I look across from me in the pew at church, where 5 little, wiggly kids used to be and often times there is only one, if I'm lucky two, big kids, bigger than I, sitting beside my husband and me. They are all married, or away at college and getting on with their lives now. Life goes so fast. You are doing it right mama. You are living in the minute yet have goals for the future. You'll get it all done. Right now is your time to revel in your children. Do make sure to take care, and let others take care of you too! Many blessings, Tia


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