just because...

I never want to forget your love for building & trucks
just because... I could spend hours watching & playing trucks with you.

just because... you built an awesome colorful truck.

just because... I adore your imagination!

just because... you are absolutely adorable!
just because... this is your life right now.

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  1. I so love how you take the time to love every single little beautiful thing about your children- you are so blessed :)

  2. He reminds me so much of my little Marco (3 years old). I adore this age! Sound effects and all! I too have 4 boys and my house is one big sound effect. I love it! This moring Marco told me that I was batgirl and he was spiderman and I had to rescue him. SO cute! Life with boys is beautiful! Now if only we could add a couple girls to our family (Or more boys! :)). We are pursuing adoption and foster to adopt. Have a beautiful day! Your family is precious!

  3. MackeyBendMama2/14/11, 8:36 AM

    What an adorable boy! My 5 year old daughter made breakfast for me this morning and I had to hold back the tears, praising God and savoring the moment because I know these sweet "little" kid days are fleeting. It's so important to appreciate each child for their uniqueness. Have a great day with your adorable kiddos.

  4. thanks for sharing that adorable little boy with us, brittany!
    happy valentine's day to you and yours!

  5. It's a boy, Hallelujah! LOL!

  6. He's so cute! And I love that bright colored truck :)

  7. lovin those big brown eyes and concentration. love {and miss} those days.

  8. *sigh* Oh my, little Ozzie....*hugs*

  9. sixcrazychildren2/17/11, 1:30 AM

    I have one of those...... *sigh


  10. Stumbled upon your blog! He reminds me of my little Ollie(Owen) - your kids are adorable. I've never seen identical twins who were more identical! I can usually tell twins apart but your girls are nearly a mirror image!


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