I awoke to a whispered happy birthday from a loving little man
...and giggles from little girls playing in their room

Eggs with veggies & sprouted muffins sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar lovingly made just for mom

Snow drenched trees sparkling in the sun light, a gift of beauty

boys whispering and dashing through the house making secret birthday plans

bowl of fresh mango given to just me & sharing all but one piece

looking upon the faces of my sons as they one by one made my day special

giggling as 3 little ones eat all the zucchini, squash & sweet pepper I just sliced for dinner

listening to the girls talk of basagna & secret cake

hearing Vance say "oh yeah, I'd rather come help you cook than do anything else right now"

cuddling on the couch playing music with my little Ozzie

listening in awe as Grayson tells me about his brilliant ideas

laying on the floor playing memory with the girls

watching Vance delight in spend hours making me a card

smiling as Gavin tells me he'll do anything for me

children running to the door to see the giant pay-loader clearing the yard

watching the girls slow dance to dave matthews

listening to Ozzie telling the girls they are "beautiful just like mama"

playing airplane with all six kids

laughing until I my stomach hurt

trying to contain my laughter as the girls have a conversation
..."my name is eliza" "no, you're noli, I'm yiza" "I'm eliza & you're eliza, we can share"

smiling at a birthday message left on the fridge

smelling the aroma of fresh baked bread

feeling so loved & cherished by my amazing family

planning for a very special boys birthday tomorrow

watching my entire family listen & laugh at Bill Cosby

savoring the best homemade cake my loving husband has ever made

watching 2 little girls fall asleep in my lap

hugs that make my chest hurt & my heart sing

loving my life
...and thanking God for every day


  1. Happy amazing day!! Sounds perfect....


  2. Happy Birthday! You are blessed for certain. And so is your family.

  3. Beautiful!! Happy Birthday Britt!!

  4. Happy Birthday Brittany! You have so much to be thankful for, but nothing you didn't know. ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Brittany. I'm loving the joy God is placing in your life...Children are a gift from the Lord.

  6. happy happy birthday! you have your own epic birthday party just with the inhabitants of your home! celebrate on!

  7. tinamichelle2/18/11, 8:53 AM

    Aw, how super sweet. Happy Birthday!

  8. Sounds like a sweet, perfect birthday for a very loved Mama!

  9. Happy Birthday, you are so blessed!

  10. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you've had an awesome one so far :)

  11. Brittany,
    Quick question...any advice on cooking Quinoa pasta? Every time I try and cook it, the water is pastey-looking and the noodles turn out stuck together and yucky. I add about 1 tsp. of olive or coconut oil along with a pinch of Sea salt in the water. Any ideas as to why it's not working? How do you cook yours? Just curious. I know you're busy, but thought it was worth asking. :)

  12. Happy Birthday, friend! Hope you have a great one!!

  13. Reading this made me cry. Life is sweet with a family that loves you and God's love! What more could you ask for?

    Happy Birthday!


  14. happy, happy, happy birthday, brittany! here's to many more... :D

  15. Happy Birthday! Wonderful post.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  16. Happy Birthday a bit late...the 17th is my daughter's bithday.

  17. A belated happy birthday!

  18. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds as close to perfection as one can get... :)

  19. Sounds like you had the best presents ever for your birthday!!

    Happy B-day! :)

  20. sixcrazychildren2/20/11, 4:45 AM

    Perfection.... Happy Birthday XX

  21. What a wonderful, beautiful, full birthday for you!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and reading about our Precious Pennie Jane. We are so deeply grateful that she's here and safe and healthy, we want to shout the news to everyone!!

    I look forward to seeing you around my blog again! Leanne

  22. It sounds like you had the most amazing birthday any mother could ask for! That is great. happy late birthday :)

  23. What a fabulous, blessed birthday you had. Happy belated Birthday, girl!

  24. What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday!


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