that good...

this isn't really a recipe
but in case you were wondering how we make hot chocolate...
hemp milk
dark chocolate, chopped until almost powder
unsweetened cacao powder
liquid stevia to taste

Happy Sunday!
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  1. where do you get liquid stevia? I have only been able to find powder and I would love to try the liquid. Thanks :)

  2. Marie@Poutypinkprincess2/13/11, 5:47 PM

    Cute pics! I'm sure there was a little chocolate left in the bottom that couldn't be wasted! haha!

  3. I am not sure where you are, Tonya, but when we lived in Texas, I was able to buy liquid Stevia at Central Market and Sun Harvest stores. Sometimes they had it at Walmart.

    Here in Japan, you can buy it just about anywhere. :-)

  4. I saw your tweet regarding the woman passing your photos off as her own. CREEPY. I also reported her to Facebook.

  5. Andreamackey2/13/11, 8:00 PM

    Hemp milk? I am intrigued... I am currently nursing child #4 who is 7 months old and his eczema has just exploded the past week. The other three children have all had sensitivities to cow's milk, nuts, etc. while I was bf them and later food allergies that affected their skin terribly. I have tried almond milk,potato milk, rice milk but never hemp milk. I dread another elimination diet but I'm sure getting cow's milk out of our diet would benefit the entire family. At least we drink organic for now. We are just way too dairy dependent. I love how you feed your family and wish I had continued on the super healthy road instead of veering off the path a bit. I love when you blog about food!

  6. Corrina Leung2/14/11, 1:37 AM

    Haha, the picture of Gavin, "smooth like Butt" -ter!! I smiled when I saw it....

    BTW, I also reported the woman on facebook, bad people!


  7. brittanyclaire2/15/11, 9:24 AM

    We buy it from the grocery store, it's a brown glass bottle with a dropper. They come in different flavors but I just buy the plain one. It's $20 for the bottle but lasts about a year for us. I use it to sweeten anything liquid, soups, oatmeal, anything but baking. I tried the powder once and didn't like it, plus it had dextrose which is corn. boo-hoo.

  8. brittanyclaire2/15/11, 9:26 AM

    It's Grayson {grin}, but yes the shirt is awesome, he doesn't really care for it, but he wears it.

    Thanks for reporting Donna Scherrer. They took down some of the pictures last night, but she opened another facebook account and started it all over again. Sad.

  9. brittanyclaire2/15/11, 9:30 AM

    Hmmm, unfortunately dairy is probably to blame for his eczema, that is one of the first things I would eliminate to make sure. I wonder if raw milk would be tolerable for him. You could try switching to that for a while. As I'm sure you know it takes a while to figure it out, but once you do, it's worth it.

    As for hemp milk, we rotate our milks, we use hemp, almond & coconut and sometimes rice but not too much anymore. Hemp is not a nut so that might be a good option if you've had trouble with nuts and dairy. So would coconut milk.

    Hope your little guy feels better!

  10. Are you still eating mostly organic??? Where do you find it??? Do you buy a lot of things from the internet??????????????????

  11. do you know which groceries stores carry the liquid stevia? I have only gotten the white powder and heard the brown is better but can't find it anywhere either.

  12. Now I have never tried looking for it at Walmart! Thanks I will be checking into that :)

  13. You are very welcome! It was always where the sugar, Equal, Truvia & Splenda are.

  14. OK, we have to have that shirt!!! LOL! Tell Grayson he can send it to Alec as a trade for the shirt we're sending him! hee-hee!

  15. That looks fab! & OMG I love his shirt :} Awesome! Hahahaha

  16. Oooh, sounds good! I make mine with 3/4 cup milk of choice (usually rice milk), 1 tbs dark unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tbs sweetener, 2 tbs coconut milk (the canned stuff). Heat milk of choice. Stir the other ingredients in your mug until well combined. Pour in the heated milk, stir, and serve. You can also add vanilla, peppermint, orange, or some coconut oil or extract, if desired. I need to try some liquid stevia one of these days. BTW, I did try quinoa pasta...but the only stuff I could find here was a quinoa-corn blend at Whole Foods. It was really good though. My kids loved it! I made a non-dairy mac-n-cheese, and even my really picky niece enjoyed it.


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