today I am...

...planning school for the week
...printing off the boys weekly chore charts
...planning our meals for the week
...washing laundry
...reading & talking about the crisis in Egypt
...editing my project 365 photos

...making crispy peanut butter cookies with the boys
...watching dad give the boys hair cuts
...putting puzzles together
...making sprouted lentil tacos for dinner
...listening to the boys talk about how it's "only -6 today"
...soaking another granola recipe

...listening to Gavin praying for more snow
...watching the girls sing "ring around the rosie with {insert object in hand here}"
...filling up more thrift store boxes
...playing with homemade playdough that smells like chocolate
...bummed we were drifted in and couldn't go to church again
...planning a giveaway for all of you this week

...helping set up forts & hideouts
...watching the boys build legos
...nursing the girls
...making necklaces for Ozzie, Vance & the girls
...realizing that our new everyday cook pot is now a huge 16 qt. stockpot
...eating leftover chili from above pot thankful my migraine that came and went all last week is gone
...loving hearing the kids playing together
...listening to buffalo soldier station on our Pandora radio
...going to try to find time to read a few pages from 1 of the 8 books I'm currently reading
...making silly goo with the boys
...listening to the wind howl and watching the snow blow

that's what I'm doing today...
I'd love to hear what you're doing too!
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  1. I would love for you to share the recipe for sprouted lentil tacos-they sound yummy!

  2. me?
    began my morning at 3… not really because i wanted to. grrr. read almost half a book (it's apparently a quick read) and was too lazy to get out of bed to take something for my splitting head and aching neck. (whaaa me, right?)
    ate scrambled eggs with onion, crumbled turkey bacon and cheddar cheese. a cup of coffee and a nice, hot bath. mmmm.
    sitting here in my office, answering emails, sending off project quotes with a wet head.
    now i'm blog-stalking.
    later i'll continue to silhouette shots i took for our menu system (i do all our food photography in a tiny little $99 photobooth) and do the finishing touches on our menu.
    hopefully i can do all of this and manage to get rid of my headache.

    quinoa and raspberries. that looked positively scrumptious!


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