late night talking

This should come as no surprise... I'm busy, oh so very busy. Busy in the best of ways, but oh so tiresome ways.

We unlike many of you are having beautiful, blue sky, freezing cold weather. And this sounds bad, but I'm actually bummed that we're not being blasted with snow too. What can I say, we LOVE snow. {grin} I did however find myself thinking about what it would be like to be in Africa with her right now.

We had a... we're going to get it all done... school day today. Not much else got done besides school. It really is TWO full time jobs. Balance, oh dear balance, how lovely you are.

All of the children got their hair cut this past weekend... and i'm still waiting on mine. I guess the barber is a bit overworked. {grin}

I've received 3 emails this week from wonderful blog readers. Seriously I am so blessed by all of you. I try to respond, I do, but my inbox is pitifully delinquent. So if you're reading this... Thank you for you words of kindness.

I thought all the children in house was asleep, but a little boy just climbed into my lap and said "hold me" and that I can not turn down.

goodnight all

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  1. I am like you, I want snow so bad! I am so jealous of all of the snow everyone is getting. No matter where we live, we never have snow. Humpf! We did get a few flurries a few days ago but not enough to stick. So not fair!

    Have a great night!


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