4 years old
our 4th son
the most scrumptious voice
lover of tractors
and building legos
the key man
super snuggler
nick-named Yammy

blue blankie boy
bossy little brother
chickpea eater
lover of dirt & digging
hat & boot wearer
imaginative story teller
prayer warrior
super duper hugger

easily excited
always ready to go somewhere
shrill screamer
Dad's mini-me
sweet talker
leader of the sisters
amazing memory
carrot & apple eater

sensitive soul
adorable secret teller
#1 bed jumper
doll house furniture relocator
secret photographer
picky eater
trail mix chocolate stealer
incredibly imaginative

made just right
...by God


  1. I loved hearing his Garfield story last night! The way he says "Odie" is perfect!! xoxo

  2. So cool that someday he will read this description and know just how loved he is. Cool.

  3. I love it!

  4. Love his nickname...Yammy...Love it! In the last photo I see your girls!


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