When you

...spend an hour on the phone with your sister
your daughters may try on everything in their dresser.

...tell your husband later & ask "why do they have to change clothes all day long?" he may laugh out load and tell you to call your mom.
...start to put all the clothes back into the dresser you may decided to just throw them in because you're sure the same thing will happen again tomorrow.
...sit down to blog about it while everyone is getting ready, you may realize that this is the {happen again} moment you were anticipating.
have a wonderful day friends!

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  1. ROFL!!!! Been there, done that. I'd be going through it right now with our 2yr old if ALL dressers weren't in our bedroom ... where my husband sleeps during the day (he works nights).

  2. Queen Mommy11/2/10, 1:41 AM

    I think my sister and I could make thrifting a sport! And, it's amazing what great deals I've found up there in ND!! (A super cute Liz Claiborne teal purse for under $2, for example. And, so many cute things for the girls...) Oh, and I should mention, that with girls, making drawer messes is a constant issue. If I'd let them, my girls would change clothes 4x/day. Easily. (I finally explained that I was only one mommy, with only one washer and one dryer, and I just can't physically DO that much laundry and keep up in any sort of way.) Oh, but the trouble they could get into when my back was turned...even for a minute...forget going to the bathroom....2-3 was a tough age, in that respect. They were little partners in crime. Still are, sometimes! :-) A friend once asked me how I could ever punish them...with their sweet little cherub-like faces, and curly, blonde heads....I told her it really wasn't that difficult some days. :-)

  3. sixcrazychildren11/2/10, 5:50 AM

    I was going to say my daughter still does that & she's 15..... but someone else said similar first ;)
    My Hamish likes changing clothes a fair few times a day too...... funny

  4. My twin daughters used to do this alllllllll the time when they were that age during "nap" time. And then they would scale up the drawers to the very top of their armoire and I would have to not freak out when I walked in the room so that I could get them down safely. It was the beginning of the end of nap time for us. :)

  5. How did you make that adorable PomPom in the corner?? Love it!!


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