We eat a lot of avocados
I usually buy 10-12 at a time

{What do we do with them?}
spread it on veggie sandwiches
top burritos, tacos & haystacks
forget the cheese and garnish your soup with avocado
add it to your salad
eat it plain like the girls
or the obvious....
2 perfectly ripe avocados
2 lemons
3 cloves of garlic {minced}
green onions or chives
real salt to taste
mix it all up and you get this super delicious, super nutritious green goodness...
{a few tips:}
After you cut the avocado in half, whack a knife into the pit and twist... it will pop right out
You can either checkerboard slice the avocado in the skin or use a spoon to take the whole half out and then slice.
avocados are ripe when they give slightly when you press gently. If they are hard, they aren't ready. If they smoosh when you press they are over-ripe.
When buying buy avocados that have a long neck... this indicates they were on the tree longer.
Unless you plan on using them within 2 days buy avocados that are firm.
We put ours on the window ledge until they are almost ripe and then I place them in the fridge.

Now go eat your avocados! {grin}
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  1. Mmmmm love love love LOVE me some avocado!!

  2. Boulanger Ab10/31/10, 7:24 PM

    We love them too. Excellent tips - I didn't know about the long necks! Can you give me a tutorial on buying watermelons and pears????? I can never get those quite right.

  3. you only use two avocados?

    Wow, I use more than that for me and my two boys. We can't never get enough ;)

    You can also add tomatoes, and cilantro mmmm yumyyy salsa!


  4. My friend makes a delicious Avacado Soup - chilled of course with spring onions. I will ask her for the recipe and post it here for you!
    Sending greetings from South Africa!

  5. AdventureInBabywearing11/2/10, 8:48 AM

    My goal is to make this tomorrow with tortilla soup for my grandparents! (and us!)



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