waking up to giggling girls and boy
usual granola, raspberries, coconut milk & honey for breakfast
dad leaves for work
praying for my sister
dancing to the music
burning trash
boys chores
playing in the snow drifts
chili for lunch
2 boys go to town with Grandpa
load up recycling
dumped flash cards
winter-summer clothes swap
forgotten cold raspberry leaf tea
stolen ice cream for a picnic
organizing fruit room
reading books
Grayson updating his blog
muddy boots
visiting Grandma & Grandpa
girls empty almost their entire dresser
dad working late
lentil soup & nut butter and honey sandwiches
kitchen helpers
dumped trail mix
vacuum again
planning Sabbath school
reading Indian & the Cupboard 2
hugs and kisses goodnight
more hugs and kisses
more hugs and kisses
dad still not home
everyone asleep
mom has ice cream & blogs
dad still not home............

what will be next? {grin}


  1. Sounds like a lovely day!

  2. Your day makes mine look easy, yet here i am exhausted. :)

  3. Your posts always inspire me in so many ways...inspire me to eat better, inspire me to continue researching more about health and food, inspire me to seek joy in the everyday things we do with our children...Thank you for such heartfelt, real/honest posts. And keep the food ideas coming! Everything sounds so yummy and you open my eyes to new ideas all the time. As I'm making these changes in our house too, I'm curious how you have access to things like coconut milk, organic berries, etc on a regular basis. I live near a metropolitan area and it seems difficult here sometimes and we don't do these things yet on a daily basis in our diet (we are getting there though!). I absolutely LOVE how you eat...thanks for sharing your ideas...keep them coming!


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