in case you thought

...I made it up {grin}
the 50mph winds...
washed out road...

and sideways snow...

it was an adventure!
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  1. LifeAsWeKnowIt10/29/10, 6:57 AM

    Ohmygosh that looks scaaaarrrryyyy! No wonder gramma was upset! I'd have chewed you out, too, for trying to go somewhere!!!!! Think of ME next time, maybe that will stop you! :-)

  2. Melanie Van Wynsberg10/29/10, 6:57 AM

    WOW, where was this? Was it all in one trip!

    Glad you all are safe!

  3. WOW - you drove in that - I would have been terrified!

  4. Nice pics to capture it!!! ;)

  5. How could you see where the road was?! I think I would have been ducked down and praying the whole ride. : ) Glad you guys made it safely!

  6. brittanyclaire10/30/10, 1:00 AM

    We aren't too far from each other. When you said midwest it threw me off... ND is technically in the Northern Great Plains. {grin}

  7. brittanyclaire10/30/10, 1:01 AM

    oh yes and it for sure an adventure! I love it!

  8. Wow! That is crazy. The last picture in particular. Glad you made it home safe!

  9. Snow sideways?! I had no idea snow was blowing anywhere ...yet! And water on roads blowing as well...eeewww that has always creeped me out....but....I am glad you made it through and looked at all as an adventure.
    I must're blog makes me feel really good when I look at pictures and read warm reminds me of bits and pieces of the past, various thises and thats...

    Thank You


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